How do I select and answer security questions?

How do I select and answer security questions?

If your administrator has configured your site to allow you to use security questions, you'll need to select the questions you want to use and provide answers. You can answer questions in the Preferences window.

As an example, you may be able to reset your password by answering security questions. The prompt will look similar to this one.

NOTE: The answers require at least four characters.

password reset questions.png

Complete the following steps:

1. Sign in to IdentityNow

2. Click Preferences.

3. Click Edit.

4. Follow the prompts for strong authentication.

prefs edit.png

3. In Security Questions, for each empty field, click the caret to select a question.

choose question.png

4. Answer the question in the field provided.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each blank field in the Security Questions area.

The number of fields displayed are determined by the administrator in the settings described above.

In this example, the admin requires the user to respond to three security questions.questions blank.png

6. Under Strong Authentication, select how to verify your identity without providing a password. You can either select:

  • Ask each time if you want to decide later how to authenticate.

  • Verify by security question if you always want to authenticate with your questions. You'll be prompted with the questions you set up previously in this procedure

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