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What happened to the Sign In page?

What happened to the Sign In page?

You may have noticed that when you're at work, you are automatically signed in to your Launchpad. You go to your bookmark or click on the browser extension icon, and your Launchpad just opens.


This is because your administrator has configured your system to use "no-password" sign in. This is also known as Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or Kerberos.


NOTE: Alternatively, your administrator might have configured the system to allow for long browser sessions.


For this to work effectively, trust settings on your computer must be configured correctly.

  • For users of Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on Mac, no action may be required if your administrator used group policies to configure the settings.
  • For users of Firefox, you’ll need to manually configure your settings. Click here for details.
  • For this release, Chrome on Mac is not supported.


You can access your Launchpad two ways:


  • Going to the Launchpad by using a bookmark or typing the URL:
  • Clicking the browser extension icon:

If you see the Verify Password screen


The first time you sign in to IdentityNow after IWA is configured, you'll be asked to verify your password. This regenerates your local encryption key so that you can continue to launch apps from your Launchpad through single sign-on.


After that, you won't need to provide your password when you use the site or apps on your IdentityNow Launchpad.


If you do not have the IdentityNow browser software, you see the Verify Password dialog box the first time you sign in if the following is true:


  • Your company uses IWA
  • And your company requires you to have the browser software



  • You might also see it again after installing the browser extension if you restart the browser.
  • The first time you sign in after changing your password, you might be prompted to verify that new password.
verify password.png


If you still see the Sign In screen


If you are presented with a sign in screen, you are likely on a mobile device or off your corporate network or VPN.

Sign in normally, using your network or AD password. Again, that’s the password you use to sign in to your corporate workstation.



  • Once you sign in for the first time, you might be prompted to supply your previous password after you sign in with your network password.


This usually happens if you reset your password or the first time you sign in on a new device. It ensures your apps' encrypted passwords are migrated successfully.


It might also happen after your IdentityNow password is reset or changed. If you use IWA, you'll be prompted to provide your old password if you sign in to a new device after changing your password outside of IdentityNow.


To avoid this, always change your password only within IdentityNow.


  • If you are on the corporate network and are seeing the prompt to sign in, click here for assistance.
password change.png
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