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Why doesn't my RSA SecurID work?

Why doesn't my RSA SecurID work?

If you have RSA SecurID as a strong authentication or password reset option, you might sometimes have problems with your code.

There are several reasons your RSA SecurID might not work even if you entered it correctly.

The token you entered already expired. Tokens usually expire after one minute.Check your RSA hardware or software device to ensure you are using the current token.
The token you entered was already used. You might have entered this token to use strong authentication to access an app or to edit your preferences.Use the next token generated by your RSA software or hardware. These are generated as soon as the previous one expires.
Your RSA SecurID account is locked. This might occur if you enter the wrong code too many times consecutively.Unlock your account using RSA's self-service desk, or contact your administrator for assistance.

You might have forgotten your pin.

You can reset​​ your PIN from the Launchpad.
Your RSA SecurID account has been disabled.Contact your administrator for assistance.
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