How do I reset the SailPoint application or change the organization on an Apple mobile device?

Version 12

    The IdentityNow mobile app for iPhones has a feature that allows you to reset the application. The reset feature could be required when you need to log in to a different org or troubleshoot the application.





    Complete the following steps:


    1. Shut down the app as follows:


    a. Double-click the home button to view all recent apps.


    b. Find the SailPoint application and slide it upwards until it leaves the screen.

    SP out of recent apps.PNG


    2. In your Apple device, tap Settings.


    3. In Settings, tap SailPoint.


    4. Tap Organization Settings.

    IDN settings.PNG


    5. In Reset Organization, tap to select On.


    6. Close Settings.

    reset org.PNG


    7. Tap the SailPoint app. The prompt to provide an organization is displayed.


    8. Type a new name in the Organization field.


    9. Tap Save.



    For more information, see: