What happens if someone else gets my laptop or phone or tries to reset my IdentityNow password? Would they be able to access all my accounts?

Version 15

    IdentityNow comes with a rich set of protections to ensure your accounts and data are safe:


    • IdentityNow always uses strong authentication for password resets. This means that a stranger could only reset your password if they also had your phone or knew the answers to your security questions.


    • They'd also have to know your previous password. Without that information, if they reset your password, your vault - meaning your Launchpad and all the account information for those apps - would be cleared.

    CAUTION: This can also occur if you are unable to provide your previous password when you reset it.


    • We also protect your IdentityNow account from brute force attacks by locking it if someone enters the wrong password too many times. In addition, we prevent IdentityNow password resets under certain circumstances.


    • Finally if there were even the slightest risk that you might still be signed in to IdentityNow, you could call your IT department and ask them to force a password reset. This would lock out any unauthorized users immediately and force them to reset the password. IdentityNow's other protections would kick in and your data would be safe.