How do I sign off on a certification?

Version 38

    If your company has purchased the Access Certification module in IdentityNow, you can review and certify people's access to applications and data from within the Certifications menu of IdentityNow. This functionality, known as a certification, allows you to see the data, accounts, and applications people are entitled to so that you can approve or reject those items.


    When your administrator creates a certification campaign that includes entitlements or people you're responsible for, you will receive a notification that certifications are ready for your review.




    • Your administrator has created a certification campaign.


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to your Launchpad.


    2. Click the Certifications tab to see your active certifications.


    3. Click Start next to the certification you want to work on.


    A list of people that are included in this certification is displayed.

    cert list.png

    4. Click the person you want to certify.


    You see a list of access items for that person. For a tour of this screen, click here.

    people in cert.png

    5. Beside each access item, choose Approve if they still needs access to that item or Revoke if they do not.


    NOTE: You can also approve or revoke all access items in bulk.

    ipa-472 privileged (1).png

    6. Click Save Decisions to save your decisions.

    save decisions.png

    7. Page through each person using the arrows at the top of the page to certify their access items, or click Users to return to the list of users.


    8. For each person in the campaign, repeat steps 5 and 6.

    all users.png

    When you have certified each user, the Sign Off button is displayed at the top of the page.


    9. Click Sign Off to mark the certification as complete.


    A confirmation prompt is displayed.


    10. Click Continue.


    You'll see a confirmation that you signed off successfully.

    sign off button.png


    For more information, see: