How do I review a certification?

Version 40

    If your company has purchased the Certifications module in IdentityNow, you can review and certify users' access from the Certifications menu of IdentityNow. You'll be able to review your users' access profiles, entitlements, and apps. This functionality, known as a certification, allows you to see the data and accounts people are entitled to so that you can approve or reject those items.


    When your administrator creates a certification campaign that contains access items or people you're responsible for, you'll receive a notification that certifications are ready for your review.


    What happens when I revoke an entitlement or access profile?


    When you revoke an access profile or entitlement from a user, one of two things happens:

    • The access is automatically removed from the user
    • A task is sent to the owner of the source that the access comes from, and the source owner removes the access manually


    In some cases, two different access profiles might have some overlapping entitlements. If you approve one access profile and revoke another, the user keeps all access that was approved, even though it was revoked somewhere else.


    For example, a user has Access Profile #1, which contains entitlements A, B, and C. The user also has Access Profile #2, which contains entitlements A, D, and E. If you approve Access Profile #1 and revoke Access Profile #2, the user will still have entitlement A.




    • Your administrator has created a certification campaign


    Complete the following steps:


    1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to Certifications.


    2. Click Start next to the certification you want to work on.


    A list of people that are included in this certification is displayed.


    3. Click the person you want to certify.


    You'll see a list of access items for that user. For a tour of this screen, see Take a tour of the user certification screen.

    list of users to certify.png


    4. In each section, beside each access item, choose Approve if the user still needs access to that item or Revoke if they don't.


    To see any apps associated with the access profile, click the number in the Applications column. To see the entitlements in an access profile, click the number in the Entitlements column.



    • If you approve an access profile or entitlement, the user will keep that access, even if you revoke the same entitlements somewhere else in this certification.
    • You can also approve or revoke all access items in bulk.


    5. Click Save Decisions to save your decisions.


    6. Page through each person using the arrows at the top of the page to certify their access items, or click Users to return to the list of users. For each user in the campaign, repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.


    When you have certified each user, the Sign Off button is displayed at the top of the page.


    7. Click Sign Off to mark the certification as complete.


    A confirmation prompt is displayed.


    8. Click Continue.


    You'll see a confirmation that you signed off successfully.

    access profile certification screen.png


    For more information, see: