What is a Duo passcode and how do I get one?

Version 7

    A Duo passcode is similar to a one-time password. If you have a Duo account and your organization has integrated IdentityNow with Duo, it might be delivered to you from any of the following sources depending on your configuration and network requirements:


    • In a text message, the passcodes come in a list of 10. This option is useful if the you are an area with limited mobile service. IdentityNow provides a hint in the strong authentication prompt by indicating the starting number of the passcode in the list that is needed to authenticate.


    NOTE: When you are prompted for strong authentication, you might have the opportunity to request additional passcodes.


    • You might receive a passcode from your Duo mobile app.


    • You might contact an administrator to request a passcode, also known as a bypass code, that the administrator can generate and provide to the user.

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