What does the task in my Task Manager mean?

Version 13

    You might see a number of tasks in your Task Manager to help you complete work assigned to you by your administrator. Each task consists of elements similar to the following:


    NOTE: The identity and source name are only blue hyperlinks if you have access to the Admin interface.


    • The banner at the top of the page indicates the work that needs to be done and the user the task applies to.
    task banner.png
    • The heading at the top of the task list indicates the source the task applies to.


    • The table rows that follow describe the actions you need to take in more detail. For example, if you are creating an account, you'll see a list of attributes to define for the account.
    source for task.png

    These tasks represent work that must be done outside of IdentityNow. You can mark these tasks as complete by completing the steps here.


    Add an AttributeAdd the displayed value to a multi-valued attribute without removing other values.
    Create an AccountCreate a new account on the source.
    Certification Items Revoked by <Name>

    Remove all entitlements listed in the task; this task is generated when an access reviewer revokes items in an access review or certification

    Delete an AccountPermanently delete the account from the source.
    Disable an AccountTemporarily disable an account on the source so the user cannot access it.
    Enable an AccountRe-enable a user's access to an account that was disabled.
    Remove an AttributeRemove the displayed value from the attribute.
    Set an AttributeChange the current value of an attribute to the value displayed.
    Unlock an AccountRe-enable a user's access to an account that was locked.


    For more information, see: