How do I set up and use Duo?

Version 4

    If your company has provided you with a Duo account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity for strong authentication.




    • Enroll in Duo using an account that was provided by your company

    NOTE: If you are not yet enrolled in Duo, you will have an opportunity to do so as part of the strong authentication process in IdentityNow.

    • Install Duo Mobile on a tablet or phone.

    NOTE: This is required for Duo Push or if you are receiving Duo Passcodes from your device, instead of other supported options.

    • Optional: Set your preferences to one of the Duo strong authentication methods



    Duo Security Options:


    The following methods are available for using Duo:


    • Duo Passcode


    If you select Duo Passcode, you might receive a passcode from either a text message, your Duo app, or an administrator, depending on the option you choose.


    • Duo Callback


    If you select Duo Callback, you'll receive an automated phone call from Duo. Press any key to accept or hang up to deny the request. This option is only available for phones.


    • Duo Push
    duo options.png

    If you select Duo Push, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device from Duo.


    You can tap Accept to verify your identity or Deny if you did not request the push. This option is available for both phones and tablets.

    duo push.png