Guide to Password Management

Password Management is the gateway to more streamlined access in IdentityNow. It is estimated that 40% of helpdesk requests are related to password changes. When you automate the process with IdentityNow's Password Managment service, that means lower costs, higher productivity, and a reduced burden on your IT department. Make the process of signing in easier for your users with the peace of mind that they are backed by IdentityNow's top-tier security.


For a synopsis of Password Management, click Overview. For links to the documents about Password Management, go to the Documentation section for your user type.



Password Management helps you to:

  • Cut down on help desk calls - By enabling self-service password reset from any device on any network, IdentityNow empowers users to be self-sufficient and reduces your IT burden.
  • Strengthen your company's security - Consistent enforcement of password policies and multiple strong-authentication options mean more secure sign in, every time.
  • Easily manage change with synchronization - You can synchronize password changes with IdentityNow's automated change intercept and sync across all apps. Password Sync Groups includes the ability for multiple sources to share the same password, as well.



As the gatekeeper of your company’s security, you need to ensure that your organization is successful and secure. IdentityNow Password Management allows you to focus your administrative resources where they need to be, without compromising security. Faster, simpler policy creation and management gives both you and your users the freedom you need to do your best work. IdentityNow also propagates password changes to your sources for complete security across all systems.


End Users

Password Management is the key that gives users access to data whenever and however they need. Users are given autonomy, with the ability to easily change and store their passwords knowing that they have IdentityNow's enterprise-class security in their corner. Additionally, the password synchronization feature not only makes it easy for users to remember their passwords for multiple apps, but also makes it easier for the IT department to manage users' access to various internal resources.


Documentation for Administrators


Configuring the Basics


IdentityNow Foundation Data - Get started in IdentityNow before you configure Password Management.


Configuring Password Policies


Configure Password Policies - Define, manage, and edit password policies and learn about their relationship to sources.


Configuring a Source for Password Management


Associate a Password Policy with a Source - Assign a password policy to one or more sources.

Create a Password Sync Group - Combine passwords into groups to synchronize them across multiple sources.

Create an App Tile Your Employees Can Use to Change Their Password for a Source - Create a tile that allows your users to change their source passwords from the Launchpad.


Configuring Advanced Password Management Options


Create a List of Prohibited Password Terms - Create a Password Dictionary to prevent your users from setting passwords containing prohibited words or characters.

Set Multiple Password Policies on a Source - Configure exceptions to the primary password policy.

Configure Desktop Password Reset - Install a software package on your users' workstations that allows them to reset their IdentityNow password using the same basic process they might use to reset their Windows password.

Configure a Source to Support the Password Interceptor - Configure password interception to detect when a password is changed on a certain source and make the same change within IdentityNow.


Using Password Management for SSO


Configure an App for SSO and Password Management - Select an authentication source for SSO customers' apps.


Documentation for End Users


Changing Your IdentityNow Password


Change Your IdentityNow Password - Change your IdentityNow password for any reason, such as if it's about to expire or if you think your account has been compromised.

Reset Your IdentityNow Password - If you forget your password, reset it using strong authentication.


Using Passwords for Apps


Change a Password for an App in IdentityNow - Change your password for an app.

Manage your App Passwords - View all the apps on your launchpad and the relationship between them, including shared passwords.




Users Still Receiving Expired Password Notifications After Changing Passwords


If users are still receiving expired password notifications, even though they have already changed their password, please aggregate to your password source to resolve the problem. SailPoint recommends aggregating daily to your password source for optimal password notifications.


Troubleshooting Documentation


See Information about App Password Changes - Monitor the progress of your app password changes if IdentityNow is having problems with the change.

Learn Why You May Have to Change Your Password Before Signing In - Change your password when your network password has expired based on your administrators' configurations.

Learn Why Your IdentityNow Account is Locked Out - See why the system may be preventing you from accessing your account.

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