Managing the Identity List

Managing the Identity List

In IdentityNow, users are also known as identities. See the following sections for more information about managing them:

Using the Identity List

In the Admin interface, click Identities > Identity List. You can perform the following actions from this page:


  • Click Generate to generate a current CSV file of all identities in the system and then click CSV to download a zip file containing the report.


  • Use the Search field to search for a specific user.


  • Click the Envelope icon to send an email to the user.
  • Sort the Status column to track users who have not been invited to the system or who have not registered.


The page is designed to display a maximum of 250 identities per page. Use the paging controls at the bottom to see additional identities.



Searching for an Identity

The Search field on the identity list allows you to search in any of the following attributes:

  • Account ID
  • Display Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name

IdentityNow searches for values in these attributes that start with the search term you typed in the field.

CAUTION: If you sort the Status column, the Search field can only search for matches in Account ID and Display Name. To reset this limitation, simply sort on a different column.

Working with Identities

To work directly with individual identities or groups of identities, you have the following options:

If you want to... See the following document:
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