Testing Email Templates

Testing Email Templates

You can test any email templates you have changed to make sure that the content displays as intended before sending them to the full list of recipients.


You have multiple options for testing your emails. You can choose to send them to your email as it's listed in IdentityNow or you can send them to another email address that you configure.



Send Emails to Your Own Email Address


Complete the following steps:


1. From the Admin interface, go to Global > Email Templates.


2. Click the email that you want to test.


3. Click Test Email.


The email is sent to the work email of the user who clicked the Test Email button.


  • Only global variables render within the generated test email, because the other variables are generated by the process that triggers the email.
  • Conditional statements, such as within the App Password Changed and the User Locked Out emails, are not included in the test emails.
test email.png


Send Emails to an Address You Configure


Complete the following steps:


1. From the Admin interface, go to Global > Email Templates.


2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of email templates and click Email Config.


3. In Send All Emails To:, enter an email address that you want to use to test emails.


4. Click Save.

test email test address.png
Whenever you test an email, or whenever an email is generated by IdentityNow, it'll be sent to that email address instead of the original recipients. These emails will have the original recipients added to the subject line. original recipient.png


An audit event is created when this email is changed.


After testing emails, return to this page and select the radio button for Intended Recipients so that these emails are sent to the correct users when generated in the future.


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