View a Report of Provisioning Activity

View a Report of Provisioning Activity

If you want to see a complete list of provisioning actions performed within your system, you have the following options:


  • Go to Identities > Activities to see a detailed list of all provisioning and deprovisioning activities and their progress through IdentityNow over the previous 7 days. This includes all deprovisioning activities that occur as a result of access that is revoked during a certification.


For example, if someone's personal email gets changed in IdentityNow and you have attribute sync set up for Active Directory, you can track when that change is sent to Active Directory and when the change is made.


NOTE: The Group column indicates a number associated with a set of related provisioning activities. If a set of activities occur as the result of a single action in IdentityNow, these will share the same group number.

provisioning activities table.png


Statuses include:

    • Committed - The provisioned change has been performed on the source system but it hasn’t been verified yet in IdentityNow.
    • Failed - The provisioned change did not get made on the source system.
    • Success - The provisioned changed was made on the source system.
    • Not Verifiable - IdentityNow is unable to determine whether the change was made. Please check the source system.
    • Pending - The change is being processed by the source system.
    • Retrying - The change failed once and IdentityNow is sending it again.
  • In the Provisioning Activities table, click the Information icon to see detailed information about any entry in the table, including any errors that might have occurred.


In some cases, this can include the name of the Approver who must take action before the activity can be processed.


You can also use this information to debug errors.

prov details.png
  • In Search, click the Reports icon in the menu on the left.
    Click the Provisioning report.

    You can see and download a list of recent provisioning activity in your site.
  • Go to the Admin Dashboard​ and scroll until you see a panel called Provisioning. Here you can view a summary of provisioning activity. This panel updates once an hour.


Click the CSV button in the corner to download a zip file of a filtered audit report covering the last seven days of provisioning activity.


NOTE: Passwords Changed reflects any events associated with password resets that have been attempted in the system, including resets that fail on either IdentityNow or the source system or both.

provisioning panel dashboard.png



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