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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Credentialing System / Software

Hi Customers,

Would you like SailPoint to use Credentialing Software like(MD-Staff, Cactus, MSOW, etc.) as a golden source of truth for Provider's information to govern their access to various systems?

In case your answer is “yes”, then which of the Credentialing software’s do you use/intend to use in your organization:

  • MD-Staff
  • Cactus
  • Variety - MSOW
  • Variety - Echo Solutions
  • Modio – OneView
  • Intellisoft Group– Intellicred
  • Verge – Credentialing
  • Others (Please specify)

Looking forward to your responses.

Thank you,

The SailPoint Team.

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We currently in the early stages of Implementing Epic with MD-Staff.  Not sure if it will be another source of truth other then our HR system but we would be interested in having an OOTB integration as well.