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CCG Enable Debug Log by Connector

CCG Enable Debug Log by Connector

IMPORTANT:  The method of configuring logging levels per connector that is described in this document has been been updated. Logging functionality is now configurable by API. For more information, refer to the Enabling Connector Logging in IdentityNow Compass page.




IdentityNow's VA has the ability for the SailPoint user to directly configure logging levels per connector by setting connector class log levels.

This is very beneficial as the standard debug option (Connections -> Virtual Appliances -> Cluster -> Enable Debugging) is not sustainable due to the amount of information it delivers. The CCG logs on the VA can be found at /home/sailpoint/log.

The Cloud Connector Gateway (CCG) uses either log4j or log4j2 to log information about the connector operations it is performing and each logger has its own logging configuration format. Log4j uses a properties file where log4j2 configuration uses XML. The format of the logging configuration that will need to be updated will depend on the version of the CCG running on your VA. An example of each file type is attached to this document.


Set up debug/debug logging


  1. Log into VA and perform the following.
  2. Take ownership of the CCG folder using the sudo chown -R sailpoint /home/sailpoint/ccg command.
  3. Stop CCG with the sudo systemctl stop ccg command.
  4. Open file at the following location:
    vi /home/sailpoint/ccg/
  5. Change your logger entry such as following, for your connector. For example: = sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector
    logger.connector.level = info
    logger.connector.additivity = false
    logger.connector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
  6. Save the file.
  7. Start CCG with the sudo systemctl start ccg command.


Revert to default log levels

  1. Log into the VA
  2. Remove the log4j file:
    rm /home/sailpoint/ccg/
    rm /home/sailpoint/ccg/
  3. Restart the CCG:
    sudo systemctl restart ccg



The following are the examples of loggers. 

The difference in syntax between log4j and log4j2 is straight forward. The log4j config will have a property value similar to:


Log4j2 will have an XML element similar to:

<Logger name="sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector" level="debug" />


Connector Logger Path
Active Directory-Direct = sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector

logger.ADLDAPConnector.level = debug
logger.ADLDAPConnector.additivity = false
logger.ADLDAPConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = sailpoint.connector.LDAPConnector
logger.LDAPConnector.level = debug
logger.LDAPConnector.additivity = false
logger.LDAPConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

AIX - Direct = openconnector.connector.unix.UnixConnector
logger.UnixConnector.level = debug
logger.UnixConnector.additivity = false
logger.UnixConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = openconnector.connector.unix.AIXConnector
logger.AIXConnector.level = debug
logger.AIXConnector.additivity = false
logger.AIXConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


Amazon Web Services = false = STDOUT


Azure AD = sailpoint.connector.AzureADConnector
logger.AzureADConnector.level = debug
logger.AzureADConnector.additivity = false
logger.AzureADConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Box = openconnector.connector.BoxNetConnector
logger.BoxNetConnector.level = debug
logger.BoxNetConnector.additivity = false
logger.BoxNetConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Cerner = openconnector.connector.CernerConnector
logger.CernerConnector.level = debug
logger.CernerConnector.additivity = false
logger.CernerConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
DelimitedFile = sailpoint.connector.DelimitedFileConnector
logger.DelimitedFileConnector.level = debug
logger.DelimitedFileConnector.additivity = false
logger.DelimitedFileConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


Drop Box = openconnector.connector.DropBoxConnector
logger.DropBoxConnector.level = debug
logger.DropBoxConnector.additivity = false
logger.DropBoxConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


Epic = openconnector.connector.EPICConnector
logger.EPICConnector.level = debug
logger.EPICConnector.additivity = false
logger.EPICConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


GE Centricity = openconnector.connector.GECentricity
logger.GECentricity.level = debug
logger.GECentricity.additivity = false
logger.GECentricity.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Gsuite/GoogleApps = openconnector.connector.GoogleAppsDirect
logger.GoogleAppsDirect.level = debug
logger.GoogleAppsDirect.additivity = false
logger.GoogleAppsDirect.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = sailpoint.connector.OpenConnectorAdapter
logger.OpenConnectorAdapter.level = debug
logger.OpenConnectorAdapter.additivity = false
logger.OpenConnectorAdapter.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

 IBM i = openconnector.connector.IBMiConnector
logger.IBMiConnector.level = debug
logger.IBMiConnector.additivity = false
logger.IBMiConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

IBM Lotus Domino = sailpoint.connector.LotusDomino
logger.LotusDomino.level = debug
logger.LotusDomino.additivity = false
logger.LotusDomino.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
JDBC = sailpoint.connector.JDBCConnector
logger.JDBCConnector.level = debug
logger.JDBCConnector.additivity = false
logger.JDBCConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
LDAP/SUNONE = sailpoint.connector.LDAPConnector
logger.LDAPConnector.level = debug
logger.LDAPConnector.additivity = false
logger.LDAPConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Linux - Direct = sailpoint.connector.UnixConnector
logger.UnixConnector.level = debug
logger.UnixConnector.additivity = false
logger.UnixConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = openconnector.connector.unix.LinuxConnector
logger.LinuxConnector.level = debug
logger.LinuxConnector.additivity = false
logger.LinuxConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Microsoft Office365 = sailpoint.connector.Office365Connector
logger.Office365Connector.level = debug
logger.Office365Connector.additivity = false
logger.Office365Connector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Microsoft SQL Server – Direct = sailpoint.connector.mssql.serviceimpl.MSSQLServerConnectorV2
logger.SQLServerConnectorV2.level = debug
logger.SQLServerConnectorV2.additivity = false
logger.SQLServerConnectorV2.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Okta = openconnector.connector.okta.OktaConnector
logger.openconnector.level = debug
logger.openconnector.additivity = false
logger.openconnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Oracle Database - Direct = sailpoint.connector.OracleDBConnector
logger.OracleDBConnector.level = debug
logger.OracleDBConnector.additivity = false
logger.OracleDBConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Oracle E-Business = sailpoint.connector.OracleEBSConnector
logger.OracleEBSConnector.level = debug
logger.OracleEBSConnector.additivity = false
logger.OracleEBSConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Oracle Fusion HCM
logger.oracleHCM.level = debug
logger.oracleHCM.additivity = false
logger.oracleHCM.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Package : openconnector.connector.oraclefusionhcm

Connector class : openconnector.connector.oraclefusionhcm.OracleFusionHCMConnector


Oracle HRMS = sailpoint.connector.OracleAppsHRMSConnector
logger.OracleAppsHRMSConnector.level = debug
logger.OracleAppsHRMSConnector.additivity = false
logger.OracleAppsHRMSConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

PeopleSoft - Direct = openconnector.connector.PeopleSoftConnector
logger.PeopleSoftConnector.level = debug
logger.PeopleSoftConnector.additivity = false
logger.PeopleSoftConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

PeopleSoftHRMS - Direct = sailpoint.connector.PeopleSoftHRMSConnector
logger.PeopleSoftHRMSConnector.level = debug
logger.PeopleSoftHRMSConnector.additivity = false
logger.PeopleSoftHRMSConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


RemedyForce = sailpoint.connector.ForceConnector
logger.ForceConnector.level = debug
logger.ForceConnector.additivity = false
logger.ForceConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
RSA Authentication Manager = sailpoint.connector.RSAConnector
logger.RSAConnector.level = debug
logger.RSAConnector.additivity = false
logger.RSAConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = sailpoint.connector.rsa.RSAHTTPClient
logger.RSAHTTPClient.level = debug
logger.RSAHTTPClient.additivity = false
logger.RSAHTTPClient.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


Salesforce = sailpoint.connector.SalesForceConnector
logger.SalesForceConnector.level = debug
logger.SalesForceConnector.additivity = false
logger.SalesForceConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
SAP - Direct = sailpoint.connector.SAPConnector
logger.SAPConnector.level = debug
logger.SAPConnector.additivity = false
logger.SAPConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = sailpoint.connector.SAPInternalConnector
logger.SAPInternalConnector.level = debug
logger.SAPInternalConnector.additivity = false
logger.SAPInternalConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

SAP - GRC = sailpoint.connector.sapgrc
logger.SAPGRCConnector.level = debug

logger.SAPGRCConnector.additivity = false
logger.SAPGRCConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


SAP HR/HCM = sailpoint.connector.SAPHRInternalConnector
logger.SAPHRInternalConnector.level = debug
logger.SAPHRInternalConnector.additivity = false
logger.SAPHRInternalConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

SCIM1 = openconnector.connector.SCIMConnector
logger.SCIMConnector.level = debug
logger.SCIMConnector.additivity = false
logger.SCIMConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
SCIM2.0 = openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector
logger.SCIM2Connector.level = debug
logger.SCIM2Connector.additivity = false
logger.SCIM2Connector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Package: openconnector.connector.scim2

Connector class : openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector

ServiceNow = openconnector.connector.servicenow.ServiceNowConnector
logger.servicenow.level = debug
logger.servicenow.additivity = false
logger.servicenow.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = openconnector.connector.servicenow.
logger.ServiceNowRestClient.level = debug
logger.ServiceNowRestClient.additivity = false
logger.ServiceNowRestClient.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
ServiceNow Integration = openconnector.connector.servicedesk.ServiceNowServiceDeskConnector
logger.servicedesk.level = debug
logger.servicedesk.additivity = false
logger.servicedesk.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Siebel = openconnector.connector.SiebelConnector
logger.SiebelConnector.level = debug
logger.SiebelConnector.additivity = false
logger.SiebelConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Solaris - Direct = openconnector.connector.unix.UnixConnector
logger.unix.level = debug
logger.unix.additivity = false
logger.unix.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = openconnector.connector.unix.SolarisConnector
logger.SolarisConnector.level = debug
logger.SolarisConnector.additivity = false
logger.SolarisConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

SuccessFactors - Direct = sailpoint.connector.SuccessFactorsConnector
logger.SuccessFactorsConnector.level = debug
logger.SuccessFactorsConnector.additivity = false
logger.SuccessFactorsConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Sybase - Direct = sailpoint.connector.SybaseDirectConnector
logger.SybaseDirectConnector.level = debug
logger.SybaseDirectConnector.additivity = false
logger.SybaseDirectConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


Webex = openconnector.connector.Webex
logger.Webex.level = debug
logger.Webex.additivity = false
logger.Webex.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Workday = openconnector.connector.WorkDay
logger.WorkDay.level = debug
logger.WorkDay.additivity = false
logger.WorkDay.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Package : openconnector.connector.workday

Connector class : openconnector.connector.WorkDay

Workday Accounts = openconnector.connector.workdayaccounts
logger.workdayaccounts.level = debug
logger.workdayaccounts.additivity = false
logger.workdayaccounts.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Package: openconnector.connector.workdayaccounts

Connector class : openconnector.connector.workdayaccounts.WorkdayAccountsConnector

Web Services = sailpoint.connector.webservices
logger.webservices.level = debug
logger.webservices.additivity = false
logger.webservices.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
XML = openconnector.connector.XMLConnector
logger.XMLConnectorlevel = debug
logger.XMLConnector.additivity = false
logger.XMLConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT
Yammer = openconnector.connector.YammerConnector
logger.YammerConnector.level = debug
logger.YammerConnector.additivity = false
logger.YammerConnector.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

logger.zoomname = openconnector.connector.zoom
logger.zoom.level = debug
logger.zoom.additivity = false
logger.zoom.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT

Package : openconnector.connector.zoom

Connector class : openconnector.connector.zoom.ZoomConnector



Utility Classes


Purpose Logging Class
HTTP posts back to cloud stack log4j.logger.sailpoint.gateway.accessiq.AggregateHandler = debug
HTTP request/response for connectors log4j.logger.httpclient.wire=debug





     What is the Logger Path for SharePoint Online?




Can you please update this page with new syntax for 


example, for ad it is: = sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector
logger.ad_connector.level = debug



Also remember to enable debugging on the VA cluster via 'Connections --> Virtual Appliances --> Enable Debugging' =connector.sdk.webservices

logger.sdk.level = debug
logger.sdk.additivity = false
logger.sdk.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT = connector.common.http

logger.http.level = debug

logger.http.additivity = false

logger.http.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


For webservices, apart from the one mentioned we can use above classes for more information.


My VA uses This guide needs to be updated.

What are the logger paths for VA executed Rules such as BeforeProvisioningRule or WebServiceBeforeOperation Rule?

What is the command to Save the file.


Here is a link to the Doc for using the APIs to enable Connecor logging

Enabling Connector Logging in IdentityNow

Could somebody let me know the connector class name for Atlassian Suite Server?


Is there a connector class name for SQL Loader connection ?


Logger for NetSuite: =openconnector.connector.netsuite.NetsuiteConnector
logger.sp_connector.level = trace

Hello folks! 

 Is possible to generate an independent file -logging levels- per connector (application) integrated in SailPoint IIQ 8.3.1? 

Hi All,

What should be the logger for SAP Concur connector?

Share Point Loggers

@ukputta  loggers for SAP Concor - 

For Oracle HCM Cloud, use
logger.connector_OracleHCMCloud.additivity = false
logger.connector_OracleHCMCloud.appenderRef.rolling.ref = STDOUT


ok, article is kind of nice, but config files are owned by root, you cant change them, right?



@sergiyshpak sudo chown -r sailpoint /home/sailpoint/ccg

does anyone have sudo rights?

what happens if directory changes owner? original process wont be able access that place, right? 


@sergiyshpak  you can check `sudo -l` for a listing of what commands the sailpoint user has sudoers access to call.
it is rather restricted in terms of what you have the ability to sudo.

What is the logging class to be used for SAP Fieldglass connector.

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