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Docusign eSignature Connector

Docusign eSignature Connector

SailPoint’s Docusign eSignature connector is a SaaS connector that offers deep access governance for Docusign. This connector offers complete CRUD operations for the application's users, and groups. This connector has been developed using Docusign's standard (REST) APIs through SaaS Platform Connectivity, which is next-generation pure SaaS Connectivity that doesn't require any Virtual Appliance.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.



YesC.pngProvisioning  YesC.pngAccess Modeling 
YesC.pngAccess Certification YesC.pngCompliance 


Supported Versions

  • Any Version (Cloud)


Supported Use Cases

  • Full Account Aggregation
  • Full Entitlement Aggregation
  • Get Account (Aggregate Single Account) 
  • Create Account Provisioning
  • Update Account Provisioning
  • Add Entitlement(s)
  • Remove Entitlement(s)
  • Access Certifications

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Out of the Box Availability (Only for IdentityNow) - 

SailPoint is offering this connector on the new SaaS Connectivity Platform for IdentityNow. Connectors running on this new platform do not require a virtual appliance.



Creating custom connectivity for IdentityIQ

Leveraging SailPoint’s standard connectors (Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0, etc.) you can manage thousands of applications, this way also offers a great deal of custom modification as per your governance needs. SailPoint is happy to share available resources materials which can help in configuring this connector.

Vendor APIs


Request an Idea for IdentityIQ

SailPoint offers 100+ OOTB connectors/integrations which are part of SailPoint’s product line. Out Of The Box Connectors/Integration are developed based on adequate demand & strategic alignment. For IdentityIQ, you can request an OOTB connector anytime using below link under workspace “connectivity”.

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is this connector available for IdentityIQ?

When in Q3 will the Docusign connector come out?


Hi @SailAway , I am sure you must be aware now that it was GA on 15th of September. In case you missed, please check these updates:

Note- To view the latest features, enhancements, or fixes, continue to check the details in SaaS Release Notes page. Thank you. 



Hi @gummala_shyam , this out of the box connector is a SaaS connector which is available in IdentityNow and not in IdentityIQ. For IdentityIQ details, please refer "Creating custom connectivity for IdentityIQ" and "Request an Idea for IdentityIQ" sections present in this document.

Thank you. 

@dinesh_mishra Yup, saw it and have alredy connected the Docusign with Idn. Couldn't delete the comment though. 

Thanks for replying.

Is provisioning "disable" action coming to IdN in a near term release?

if you cant close a docusign user, I dont see this as "complete" CRUD.  Please advise.

Hi @questjj , delete operation is supported in the connector. "Disable" operation is not supported in the connector as of now due to certain limitation from DocuSign side. Thank you. 

Thanks @dinesh_mishra. Do you mean delete entitlements or accounts?  If accounts, can you point me to documentation on that?  I dont see it on this page.

Hi @questjj, it is "delete" account. Connector has delete operation support, where status is set to "closed". In IdentityNow, the delete account operation is not supported in the UI and it is not an OOTB offering for IdentityNow; so we don't document that in the connector guide. However, there is a way to achieve that via rules and I would suggest to check with the support team.

For IdentityNow/connector specific thread, you can use IdentityNow forum for quicker response. Also feel free to reach out:

SailPoint Support

SailPoint Professional Services


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