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IdentityIQ for CyberArk Connector

IdentityIQ for CyberArk Connector

This connector can be leveraged using SailPoint’s standard connectors (Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0, etc.) This connector can offer complete CRUD operations for the application's users, groups, and roles.  See “Compare to OOTB Connectors” section below for more details on how this differs from SailPoint Out of the Box connectors.


Support Level: Standard

SailPoint’s standard connectors support for Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0.



YesC.pngProvisioning  YesC.pngAccess Modelling   YesC.pngPassword Management  
YesC.pngAccess Certification YesC.pngCompliance  YesC.pngExtended Schema


Supported Versions

  • Any Version (Cloud)


Information about Connector

Leveraging SailPoint’s standard connectors (Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0, etc.) you can manage thousands of applications, this way also offers a great deal of custom modification as per your governance needs. SailPoint is happy to share available resources materials which can help in configuring this connector.

Vendor APIs 


Compare to OOTB Connectors

SailPoint offers 100+ OOTB connectors/integrations which are part of SailPoint’s product line. Out Of The Box Connectors/Integration are developed based on adequate demand & strategic alignment. You can request an OOTB connector anytime using below link under workspace “connectivity”.

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I am running SailPoint IdentityIQ 8.3 on redhat server.  In our shop, we have Cyberark application is running also and I am looking into a way to communicate between SP IIQ and Cyberark.  I heard about this connector but I have not found a thread that guides me how to import this connector and use it.

From Application creation step from IIQ, I see many connectors available but I don't see Cyberark.

Could you guide me how to import Cyberark connector? Or is there an existing connector that would allow me to access Cyberark?

Thank you for your time reading this thread.

Any updates SP?



Where can we download the connector files?

I am sorry about late reply.

I heard following actions will enable SP IIQ and Cyberark connectivity.

1. you have to install PAM module in SP IIQ (refer to 8.1 identityiq privileged account management guide.pdf)

2. you install SCIM in Cyberark (refer to Cyberark SCIM server implementation Guide.pdf)

3. create an application from SP IIQ to connect Cyberak once PAM connector is installed

Hi ,

Do we need separate license for Cyberark integration using SCIM. we are currently running IdentityIQ 8.3 

As long as you have purchased cyberark then scim is available via cyberark marketplace.

I was told no need of separate license.

IIQ PAM module is a licensed product that needs to be purchased separately.

Thank you @A_Desai for the clarification. I was told otherwise from another engineer but it must have been communication error.

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