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SailPoint has three different solutions for ServiceNow connectivity. The SailPoint Identity Governance Connector for ServiceNow manages ServiceNow accounts, groups, and roles. It supports read and write for ServiceNow accounts and groups. SailPoint for ServiceDesk enables provisioning for disconnected applications. SailPoint for Service Catalog allows ServiceNow users to request access for applications managed by SailPoint IdentityIQ or IdentityNow from ServiceNow.


Supported Features

SailPoint Identity Governance Connector

  • Account Operations: Create, Read and Update
  • Entitlement Operations
  • Password Management
  • Enable and or Disable

SailPoint for Service Desk

  • Automate creation of service desk tickets
  • Integrate governance-based self-service
  • Provide comprehensive compliance audit tracking
  • Create service request tickets in ServiceNow
    • Provide governance over manually initiated service requests
    • Detect separation of duties violations that require access change
    • Monitor manual tickets from request through completion

SailPoint for Service Catalog

  • Single interface and process for all business user requests
  • Complete native role-based access requests in ServiceNow in a single transaction
  • SailPoint approval request status shared with ServiceNow
  • Mitigate the risk of inappropriate access using governance controls
  • Reduced costs through elimination of help desk calls for access requests
  • Improved automation and validation of access changes


Supported ServiceNow Releases

  • San Diego
  • Rome
  • Quebec


Getting Started

SaaS - IdentityNow

Identity Governance Connector

SailPoint for Service Desk (Legacy Solution)

SailPoint for Service Desk (ServiceNow Store)

IdentityNow for Service Catalog

Software - IdentityIQ

Identity Governance Connector

SailPoint for Service Desk

IdentityIQ for Service Catalog


More Options

Implementation Support

Integration Overview


When will we get the documentation for SailPoint for Service Desk for IDN? It says "coming soon".



@gc-bclark The page has been updated to include a link to the guide that covers Integrating ServiceNow Service Desk with IdentityNow Through APIs.


We are facing following error while integrating ServiceNow catalog with IdentityNow.

Error: "Cannot connect to SailPoint IdentityNow server. Please contact Administrator. Error Code 001- Check Admin Setup."

1. Also please help where in serviceNow we can run the below script:

var gr = new GlideRecord("sys_user"); 
while( { 
   if (gr.accumulated_roles.toString().indexOf(",x_sap_intidn.user,") == -1) { 
    gr.roles = gr.roles + ", x_sap_intidn.user";

2. Kindly let me know, in the Filter Source List Section what should be the link after Action.

    i.e  Action : getSourcelist

      link:  /beta/getsources?filter=name "egSNOW integrationsource"

Thank you




Kind Regards



Hi everyone,

Our SailPoint ServiceNow connectors are now certified with San Diego release of ServiceNow.

  • Identity Governance Connector app version  1.0.5
  • ServiceNow ServiceDesk app version 1.0.7
  • ServiceNow Service Catalog V2 for IDN app version  2.3.24
  • ServiceNow Service Catalog V2 for IIQ app version  2.4.20




Hi @Mane 

I am also facing the same error-

Error: "Cannot connect to SailPoint IdentityNow server. Please contact Administrator. Error Code 001- Check Admin Setup."

Were you able to resolve it? If yes, can you please mention the exact steps?



Hello @yunus_ali


Request you to please raise a service request with our support team. They would help you to resolve the issue. 

Hi @yunus_ali ,

I am facing the same error for the catalog integration. Have you reached to the support team already? Were you able to resolve it?

Any inputs on this would be much helpful.

Thank you.


ServiceNow SanDiego patch 6 has reported a Sev 1 which is affecting our integration with error like this: 

<Message key="sailpoint.connector.InsufficientPermissionException: [ InsufficientPermissionException ] &#xA; [ Possible suggestions ] Furnish appropriate permissions to the user. &#xA; [ Error details ] Insufficient privileges detected. Status: 403 , Output: User Not Authorized, Detail: Failed API level ACL Validation, Status: failure" type="Error"/>


Please refer to the article from ServiceNow on this:

San Diego Patch 6: Known Errors

Article KB1156965 ( in Sev 1 list.

Workaround is mentioned in the article from ServiceNow.


Hi @Kamesht 

Does ServiceNow Service Catalog for IdentityIQ allows requesting SailPoint defined entitlements from ServiceNow and also want to confirm if it does Policy checks on entitlements and roles requested from ServiceNow in SailPoint ?



Please let us know if SNOW Tokyo release is being supported on IQ version 8.3p1?

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