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Entitlement Process for SailPoint Apps on ServiceNow

Entitlement Process for SailPoint Apps on ServiceNow


SailPoint Apps on ServiceNow are available on the ServiceNow store.

Your ability to trial and buy are governed by the store policies of ServiceNow. The end-to-end entitlement process depends on the combined efforts of teams from ServiceNow and SailPoint. The process can take up to 10-15 days, so customers should plan accordingly. 

Business Flow for Purchase/Entitlement of ServiceNow Apps


Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 12.52.05 PM.png


Information Required from Customers During the Process

  • List of Apps which will be purchased.
  • Instance Names of the customer's ServiceNow instances where these Apps will be installed. Self-hosted customers also need to provide tenant-unique URL. Instance Names are ServiceNow's unique identifier for the account, and therefore this information is required. 
    • URLs are in this format:
    • These URLs are different from IdentityNow tenant names/URLs.
    • Once provisioned, customers can install the Apps to all prod and sub-prod ServiceNow instances that are related to the ServiceNow account. 

Ability to Trial

ServiceNow allows customers to trial, according to the ServiceNow store policies, for a limited period of time on the customer's sub-prod ServiceNow instances. Details can be found in the ServiceNow's product documentation related to store.

Customers will receive a notification as their trial approaches expiration. An extension of the trial period can be requested from the ServiceNow Store one or two times, based on ServiceNow's policy.


Customers can install the trial version on sub-prod instances only; licensed versions can be installed on both on prod and sub-prod instances related to the ServiceNow licensed account. These Apps cannot be installed on non-vendor instances. Detailed process of installation of the apps is available in the product documentation of ServiceNow.

Process in brief to install the application:

1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance on which you want to install the app.

2. Navigate to System Applications > All Available Applications > All

3. Search for the app you want to install.

4. Click Install.


Configuring and how each of the app works is available in corresponding links of SailPoint's documentation. All customizations are the responsibility of customers and SailPoint will not provide support. 



Information on Entitlements 

Points of Contact During the Entitlement Process


  • Please reach out to SailPoint's entitlement team or your CSM/Account Manager for assistance. Most renewals are sent to ServiceNow without issue. Renewals with date mismatches in the portals need additional time to resolve.

Purchase Request Rejected

All purchases must go though SailPoint directly; any request to purchase through ServiceNow store portal may be rejected. A rejected purchase can be followed up by communication from SailPoint's Sales Executive, partner, or CSM. 

Post-purchase entitlement continues to be through the ServiceNow Portal.

Customers Who Cannot Access the ServiceNow Portal

Few of the ServiceNow customers can not access ServiceNow Store portal based on their region/country should contact SailPoint's CSM/AM for their specific processes. 

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