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Snowflake Connector

Snowflake Connector

The SailPoint Snowflake connector is designed to provide Identity Security for Snowflake users. The connector provides visibility and governance for user accounts connected to Snowflake with granular information on roles, inherited roles, and permissions.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.


Supported Use Cases

    • Full Account Aggregation
    • Get / Refresh Account
    • Full Group Aggregation
    • Get / Refresh Group*
    • Create Account Provisioning
    • Update Account Provisioning
    • Delete Account Provisioning*
    • Enable / Disable Account Provisioning
    • Unlock Account Provisioning
    • Change Account Password
    • Add Entitlement(s)
    • Remove Entitlement(s)

*This feature is currently supported only with the IdentityIQ platform


Supported Versions

  • Snowflake Cloud


Related Documentation

*For IdentityNow Snowflake SaaS Connector, refer here.

Contact Us

SailPoint Support

SailPoint Professional Services


Hi team, thank you for the great news! Do we have an ETA for the IIQ documentation? Is it still worth completing the survey? Thank you for your confirmation!

Hello, @deepesh_kumar ,

great post. Where is the ling to the connector and to the detailed documentation?


Thank you,



@amaltzmandeloitte - Hi, 

Please refer to the "Related documentation" section above. 

Hello Kumar ( @deepesh_kumar ),

per the documentation, you referred to, the Application Type list is supposed to include "SnowFlake", but it is NOT there.

How to add the SnowFlake application to the list?




Also, the Connector Type is NOT listed in the "available connectors" list, nor is it mentioned in the guide:

Supported Connectors for IdentityIQ - Compass (

Please let us know where to get the connector.





@amaltzmandeloitte : please find the link to the direct documentation 

This connector is available from IIQ ver. 8.4, 8.3p2 and 8.2p4

Hello Deepesh,

per Eric Wise from the SP Support "there is no such patch" as 8.2p4.

Could you please refer me to a link where I can download the jar file?

Thank you.




Your request #(186491) has been updated.

Hello Avi,
I am not sure what documentation you reference, however there is no 8.2p4 patch available at this time."

We're using the Snowflake connector in IDN.  Because Get / Refresh Group is only available for IIQ, does that mean it's expected behavior for entitlement aggregations to fail?

We are also experiencing this Error in IdentityNow.  From the logs it appears the connector deployed in IDNow has not been updated with the fix.  Has anyone been able to resolve this? 

does snowflake support Okta Authentication as Authentication Type instead of Key Pair Authentication?

If yes, please provide some instruction or document.

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