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Web Services SaaS Connector

Web Services SaaS Connector

The Web Services SaaS Connector is developed with an idea where any web service supported target system that has REST or SOAP Web Services can be configured in the connector. This connector would be able to perform read and write operation on the target system using the respective target system web services.

The SailPoint Web Services SaaS is a SaaS connector that has been developed through SaaS Platform Connectivity, which is next-generation pure SaaS Connectivity that doesn't require any Virtual Appliance (VA).

We do have a Web Services Connector as a part of VA based connectivity that you can also use as per your requirement and functionalities. Refer "Notes" Section for more detail on it.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.



YesC.pngProvisioning  YesC.pngAccess Modelling   YesC.pngPassword Management  
YesC.pngAccess Certification YesC.pngCompliance  YesC.pngExtended Schema


Supported Use Cases

  • Full Account Aggregation
  • Account Delta Aggregation
  • Single Account Aggregation
  • Full Entitlement Aggregation
  • Single Entitlement Aggregation
  • Create Account Provisioning
  • Update Account Provisioning
  • Enable, Disable, Unlock Account
  • Change Password Operation
  • Add Entitlement(s)
  • Remove Entitlement(s)
  • Access Certifications


Supported Managed Systems 

  • Any applications that supports JSON/XML API response with REST or SOAP Web Services. 

Supported Versions

  • Any Version (Cloud)


Related Documentation



Out of the Box Availability (Only for IdentityNow) 

SailPoint is offering this connector on the new SaaS Connectivity Platform for IdentityNow. Connectors running on this new platform do not require a virtual appliance.



  • SailPoint is also continuously to investing in the existing VA based Web Services Connector. If you are trying to integrate with internal developed Web Services system that is specific for your internal application, or if there is a need for firewall settings with VA configuration as per your network configuration; you can choose the path of VA-based connector.
  • There is no restriction while selecting any Web Services Source whether it is VA based or VA less. It is up to your choice and requirement to select between these 2 sources. 
  • There are some differences between these two sources as per the architecture, please do refer the connector guide to find more detail on it. 


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