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Achieving a seamless go-live with the SailPoint change management and end-user adoption kit

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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When implementing a solution like SailPoint, we know that effective change management is critical to achieve a successful deployment. Getting your organization ready for this change—whether it's integrating a timeline into your project plan, developing internal communications, or offering training for end users—can be challenging.

If you can relate to this problem, we can help! As your team is busy preparing for your SailPoint implementation, we’ve curated an essential kit, full of the resources you’ll need when it comes to change management and end-user enablement, and have organized it in one convenient location in the Customer Success Center.

Keep reading to see how one of our valued customers could leverage this resource to ensure a smooth and successful communication plan.

The challenge

To showcase the value of this resource when preparing to integrate SailPoint, let’s use a leading financial services company as an example. This company faced a critical challenge: integrating new technology while ensuring minimal disruption to their daily operations. The key to success is not just in the technology but also in the adoption of new processes and behaviors by their end users.

Enter the SailPoint change management and end-user adoption kit

SailPoint's comprehensive kit provides artifacts, resources, and strategies needed to manage change effectively. The kit includes:

  • Communication timeline: Recommendation for communicating launch details to end-users.
  • Communication templates: Pre-built templates and digital assets to inform and engage stakeholders.
  • Enablement materials: Internal FAQ and end-user guides to enable users about new processes.

End-user enablement journey

Continuing with our financial services company example, let’s explore how using the SailPoint Change Management and End-User Adoption Kit helped with their implementation.

Setting a clear communication timeline

This company set a clear communication timeline to prepare end-users for their SailPoint launch. By following this timeline, the company could ensure that users were well-informed throughout the implementation process. Key milestones and messages were strategically planned to maintain user engagement and readiness, mitigating resistance and ensuring a smoother transition.

End-user enablement and reinforcement

They used the launch deck to introduce their new solution, its benefits, and the new processes. This was then followed by distributing the FAQ document and end-user guides as take-away artifacts that all end-users could use for on-demand education. This approach ensured that everyone understood the changes and had resources available for reference.

Boosting excitement with swag

As the company neared its launch, they requested swag from SailPoint to boost excitement among end-users. This added touch helped generate enthusiasm and foster a positive attitude towards the upcoming changes.

Implementing a feedback loop

To continuously improve and adapt, they implemented a feedback loop process. This allowed them to consider new process changes or end-user enablement opportunities based on user feedback. By actively listening to their end-users, they can make real-time adjustments to enhance the overall implementation experience.

Envisioning success

Envision the impact of using SailPoint's Change Management and End-User Adoption Kit:

  • High adoption rates: Users embrace the new system quickly, resulting in minimal downtime.
  • Increased productivity: With users well-trained and comfortable with the new processes, productivity levels see a significant boost.
  • Positive feedback: Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on user feedback lead to high satisfaction rates among employees.

By providing structured communication, comprehensive training, and adaptive strategies, the kit can enable a smooth transition and high user engagement, ensuring the overall success of the SailPoint implementation.

Check out the SailPoint change management and end-user adoption kit today →