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File Access Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 Deployment Guide

File Access Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 Deployment Guide

File Access Manager 8.1 Service Pack 5 Deployment Guide

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Hi, I had to uninstall one of my activity monitors (AD).  When I install it again it puts it to version 8.2.0000, How can I re-run the active directory patch again or get this back to 8.2.1000 ?  Any help appreciated

Hi agreen3643 (pretty sure that is not your real name, LOL).
The fact that it shows 8.2.00 is not necessarily wrong. Some components are not upgraded by each Service pack.
Go to Health Center in the Admin Client and open the “Upgrades & Patches” screen. This will show if anything is waiting to be upgraded.
If you have doubts, please open a Support ticket.

Yitshak Merin
SailPoint Customer Support

Thank you.  I may need to log a support call.   The Service pack did upgrade my AD activity monitor, due to issues afterwards, I had to remove AD collector and reinstall using an 8.2 installer package (I am building system).   There are no 8.2 SP1 installers yet.  In doing so, the version has now been installed as 8.2 only (without SP1).   I was wondering if there was some way of marking the AD activity monitor as not upgraded so I can then retry the service pack for that component.  It would be good generally how to do this in case I want to install any more components.  the installer would only install at 8.2.0.  Would be useful to add to deployment guide.


Hope it makes sense,  Like I say, I can log a support ticket if I dont hear anything here.

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