Identity University FAQ

Identity University FAQ


Registering for Training

How do I get an account on Identity University?

Please see the How To Register and Log In for a step-by step explanation.


How do I pay for training?



  1. Identity University accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and JCB.
  2. You can pay with SailPoint Training Credits. These are pre-paid cash accounts that many companies use to manage their training spend in Identity University. See these documents for more information: Identity University Training Credits Brochure Training Credits Overview for Learners.pdf Training Credits Overview for Account Owners.pdf
  3. You may also pay by purchase order if the amount is at least $5,000. We require a PDF version of a purchase order from your company in order to invoice. Please to Contact Us if you wish to be invoiced by using a purchase order.

    A tentative enrollment does not hold your seat in class nor grant you access to training content, so it's important that you complete the invoicing process as soon as possible.






How can I find out what training will cost me without buying, e.g., net of sales taxes and so on?

First of all, it's a good idea to add your address information to your profile, i.e.,the billing address used on your credit card or for invoicing, so the system can populate that information for you at checkout.

Once you've done that, put items in the shopping cart and add any applicable coupons to obtain the total price, then press the "Save as Quote" button to capture the complete itemized price.




What if I have more questions about payments, prices, etc.?

Use the "Save as Quote" button to capture the pertinent information, then Contact Us.


What are some key differences between the instructor-led and the eLearning versions of the IdentityIQ essentials course?

IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials is available in two formats: in-person instructor-led, and self-paced elearning.

The instructor-led course provides for an interactive learning experience. You can ask questions of and discuss the materials with our knowledgeable instructors and the other students. You have a choice of format for the virtual machine: a SkyTap VM accessed via an internet browser or a downloadable VM. The downloadable VM option is only provided in the instructor-led version.

The eLearning version provides some unique benefits, including videos with knowledge check questions that can be re-watched as desired during the 90 day access period, and a self-assessment test students can use for their personal learning benefit.


How do I register for a class?

Choose the instructor-led class you want from the Schedule, and click on "Register" to initiate the payment process.


What is the deadline for registering in an instructor-led class?

Registration closes one week before the class start date. Once the deadline has passed you will be unable to purchase a seat in that class. Please check the schedule for future course offerings.


What if an instructor-led class I want is sold out, can I put myself on a waiting list?

Yes, you can add yourself to a waiting list for a particular class. If a seat comes free all the members of the wait list will receive an email inviting them to register. Not every class will have a wait list available. Please Contact Us if you have further questions.


How do I register for a self-paced eLearning course?

Choose the Course you want from the Self-Paced Courses and click on "Register" to initiate the payment process.


How will I receive confirmation that I am enrolled?

You will receive one email from Identity University that confirms your enrollment, and another email that confirms your payment.


What is the policy on cancellations and refunds for instructor-led classes?

  • If you cancel or reschedule your registration fifteen (15) or more calendar days before the scheduled class start date, SailPoint will assess no charge.
  • If you cancel or reschedule your registration eight (8) to fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the class start date, SailPoint will assess 50% of the class fee.
  • If you do not show up for the event or cancel in seven (7) or fewer calendar days prior to the class start date, SailPoint will assess 100% of the class fee


What is the policy on cancellations and refunds for Self-Paced Courses?

  • Self-Paced Courses are non-cancellable and non-refundable.


Where can I find the Identity University Terms and Conditions of Use?

The Terms and Conditions of use are located here:

This is always the most up to date version, and is the one in force in the event of any discrepancy between it and this FAQ.


How do I get proof of CPE credits for my CISSP after taking your training?

You will self-report the CPE credits to (ISC). The Proof of Completion you receive for any given course states the number of hours of instruction received. If requested SailPoint will confirm your attendance.


I'm receiving an error message when I add a course to my shopping cart stating: "Address not valid for tax calculation." How do I fix this?

Update your address under your profile settings and in the billing address in checkout to have a valid State, Country and Zip Code



Using Identity University


Which browsers can I use?

Identity University supports Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers, but we strongly recommend the Chrome browser for the best user experience.


How do I test my computer to ensure I can stream audio/visuals for self-paced courses and simulated exercises?

We typically generate HTML and HTML5 files that may also contain MP4 video lessons. View this SailPoint video. If it plays back, and you can hear the audio, you are most likely already setup to view all of our self-paced courses and our courses with simulated exercises.

If you are having issues playing back audio on an iPad, be sure to have your volume turned up on the device, in the eLearning player, and also have your ringer button in the "on" position. A ringer turned "off" will mute the playback audio.



The text on the Knowledge Check pages doesn't look right?

The fonts we use in our eLearning courses are Arial for most pages, and are most likely Calibri on the Knowledge Check pages. If you are seeing garbled text, you may need to install the Calibri font or try switching to the Google Chrome web browser.


How do I navigate inside a self-paced Course?

Within a Course, you can access the Virtual Machine(s), PDFs and any other resources by clicking on the grey arrow indicated in the screenshot below. To the right of that is the familiar "menu" icon; click on that to expose or hide the course agenda along the right hand side.




You step through the course starting from the top of the right hand menu. Each course Module has a title and an arrow; clicking on the arrow exposes the eLearning videos that make up that Module's content. Each video contains a lecture and paid courses include knowledge checks. The last section of most Courses is the feedback survey. Some paid courses also include a self-assessment test. The self-assessment is for your personal learning benefit so that you can identify areas needing further study. The survey helps us to continually improve the Courses.


If your course includes additional resources, you access them by clicking the Course Resources arrow shown above. PDF resources are downloadable and come with a watermark to identify them as your personal copy. They, like all the training content, are intended solely for your individual use as an enrolled student in Identity University. For more information please see the Identity University Terms of Use.



My internet connection is pretty spotty. Can I still use Identity University eLearning or attend a remote class?

The expectation for using eLearning or for attending a remote class is that you provide a solid internet connection. The connection is required to view elearning videos or participate in a remote class, and to perform the exercises. In particular, make sure your internet connection meets the SkyTap Access Requirements.


Can I change my password from inside my Identity University account? What about my preferences, address and other profile information?







How long do I have to complete the self-paced eLearning courses?

All students have 90 days access to the course materials, the video lessons, and, if included with their class, the SkyTap Virtual Machines.


Can I change the display size of the eLearning video?

If the eLearning video is not an ideal size in your browser window, use the normal browser zoom (Ctrl+, Ctrl-) to make it larger or smaller as needed. Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers.


I took training but now I don’t see any enrollment information on my dashboard. What happened?

Enrollments in self-paced courses and in public classes are filtered by default to show those that are “Current”. To view training that you completed, canceled, etc., choose one of the available views from the pull-down menu:




I’d like to retake an eLearning lesson that I’ve already completed. Can I do that?

Yes. When you complete a course it will be listed under the "Completed" filter view in your Dashboard. Find the course you wish to review again and click on it.

Navigate the right hand side menu to find the lesson you wish to watch again, and select it.





Now in the middle of the page, choose the "review" button. This will allow you to watch lessons again without affecting your score or transcripts.





I am logging in for the first time and trying to set my password, but I'm not getting the expected emails from Identity University. How can I fix this?

Check your spam folder and make sure that your email application and your IT department have white-listed emails from the domain and from If this isn't enough you can also try


I have completed all lessons, but I have not received my course completion certificate. How do I fix this?

All course modules (videos, course feedback survey, and self-assessment test) must have a "Complete" status for the overall course to be considered "Complete."

The course survey module's status will not automatically change from "Confirmed" to "Complete" when you take the survey, so you will have to manually change its status within Identity University. Navigate to the survey module and change the status from Confirmed to Complete:



The self-assessment test is for your personal learning benefit. We do not track your grade, and you can take the self-assessment test multiple times. While you are not required to pass the self-assessment test, you must mark the test module as complete. Navigate to the self-assessment test module and change the status from Confirmed to Complete.

Once all modules have the "Complete" status, then the course will also have the "Complete" status. You will receive a course completion certificate, and your course will move to your Identity University Dashboard > Completed Courses tab:





The Virtual Machine and Course Exercises


Can I use the VM from one IdentityIQ Training for another Course?

No, you need to deploy the VM provided in the Course in which you are enrolled.


Which Virtual Machine should I use?

For best performance, pick the Virtual Machine that is closest to your geographical location.


What are the computer screen requirements for doing the course exercises?

For the best experience, work exercises on a system with a full size screen, such as a laptop or a desktop computer. Because access to the configuration features of IdentityIQ requires a larger screen, the exercises cannot be worked on mobile phones.


Is there someplace I can enter answers to exercise questions?

There is no designated location for that. However, in Acrobat Reader, you can enter answers in the PDFs by using “sticky notes” or highlighting content. To create sticky notes, right click, and then type in the content in the electronic sticky note. To highlight, use the cursor to highlight the designated text, then right click and select highlight.


Can I save the VM if I have to restart my computer?

You can exit the VM session anytime and the state is automatically suspended. Restarting your computer has no impact on the state of the VM running in the Cloud. You can simply return to the VM via the link in the course.


The Virtual Machine is slow to load after being started, or after being resumed from a suspended state

It can take several seconds for VMs to start up after they have been suspended or turned off. This can happen even if you have a fast Internet connection, and does not mean you will have a slow or unresponsive UI experience once the VM has completed loading.


The Virtual Machine is loaded and I am in the desktop environment, but it is still slow or unresponsive.

  1. Ensure that you have chosen the Virtual Machine that is closest to your geographical location.
  2. Make sure your system meets all SkyTap Access Requirements


How can I change the resolution of Skytap such that my VM and IdentityIQ have a better screen fit?

Depending on the resolution of your computer screen, sometimes there’s an issue where, after drawing the top and the bottom of the web page, there’s no place left in the middle!


There are various ways to get more vertical “space” when doing the exercises.

  1. Change the zoom level of the Firefox browser inside the VM, so it’s less than 100%. (See screenshot below.)
  2. Hiding the toolbar reclaims some precious vertical resolution. Just remember what you did, so you can unhide it again. (See screenshot below.)

If possible, use a different computer with a higher vertical screen resolution. Since all you need is a web browser to access the VMs, the “cost” (i.e., hassle) of switching computers is negligible. I understand that you may not have the option to do this in the classroom, but it’s good to know when working on the exercises at home, at your desk (if you have a separate monitor), etc.







I'm having problems navigating IdentityIQ in my Skytap instance of the training virtual machine.

Here are a few tips which can really help with VM usability.

  • If the VM’s desktop is bigger than the browser window, there will be scrollbars around the whole VM, in addition to scrollbars inside the VM (e.g. in Firefox). These “double scroll bars” are extremely annoying, but clicking the “Fit to Window” button (see below) will resolve it.
  • Depending on your screen resolution, you will likely need to minimize the gray VMware VM control toolbar, in order to get to key UI buttons on the VM itself. See below for an indication of how to minimize that VM control toolbar, to fix this potential annoyance.




My Virtual Machine’s Tomcat Standard Out window is not showing any contents. What should I do?

If you are not seeing anything in the Tomcat Standard Out window try (1) moving the scroll bar or (2) closing then re-opening the Tomcat Standard Out window.


I am unable to connect to localhost:8080/identityiq/dashboard.jsf



Tomcat is not running and you need to restart the application server. Go to a command prompt and type StopTomcat. You will most likely see an error message saying Tomcat is not currently running. Then enter StartTomcat and wait about 30 seconds. You should now be able to reload the web page and connect.


My left mouse button continuously loses functionality.

To restore functionality, hold the CTRL key while clicking the left mouse button.

A single keyboard key press results in a dozen characters entered instead of a single one.

Go to System > Preferences > Hardware > Keyboard, uncheck Repeat Keys: Key presses repeat when key is held down




How can I set up the VM keyboard for a language other than English?

First, you always have the choice of using the drop-down keyboard provided by SkyTap in the VM. This will allow you to proceed without waiting for assistance from Identity University Support.

Click on the keyboard icon as shown below to access the keyboard:




To set up the VM keyboard for a different language, we are referencing this SkyTap document: Setting an international keyboard layout for a VM If your type of keyboard is not one of the supported keyboards in this reference please use the drop-down keyboard.


To use a keyboard for a specific language, the following language elements must match:

  • The language of the local physical keyboard.
  • The language specified in the VM hardware settings.
  • The language specified in the guest OS settings.


See the attached Word document for instructions that cover the guest OS. Once you have completed those steps, please contact Identity University Support and send us the SkyTap VM URL for the VM you are using.
We will perform the needed changes to the keyboard layout in the VM hardware settings for your VM.

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