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Adding additional columns on the define > identities page using UIConfig

Adding additional columns on the define > identities page using UIConfig

Post Date: July 27, 2012
Posted By: Chris Hajdu

It is possible to edit the UIConfig object in IdentityIQ to change what columns are visible in the UI under Define > Identities

The UIConfig entry that controls the columns visible in Define > Identities is:

   <entry key="identityTableColumns">
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="id" fieldOnly="true" property="id" sortProperty="id"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="name" headerKey="att_user_name" hideable="true" property="name" sortProperty="name" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="firstname" headerKey="att_first_name" hideable="true" property="firstname" sortProperty="firstname" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="lastname" headerKey="att_last_name" hideable="true" property="lastname" sortProperty="lastname" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="manager-displayName" headerKey="idents_grid_hdr_manager" hideable="true" property="manager.displayName" sortProperty="manager.displayName" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="assignedRoleSummary" headerKey="att_assigned_role_summary" hideable="true" property="assignedRoleSummary" sortProperty="assignedRoleSummary"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="bundleSummary" headerKey="att_detected_role_summary" hideable="true" property="bundleSummary" sortProperty="bundleSummary"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="scorecard-compositeScore" headerKey="att_composite_score" hideable="true" property="scorecard.compositeScore" renderer="SailPoint.Define.Grid.Identity.renderScore" sortProperty="scorecard.compositeScore" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="lastRefresh" dateStyle="short" headerKey="att_last_refresh" hideable="true" property="lastRefresh" sortProperty="lastRefresh" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="managerStatus" fieldOnly="true" property="managerStatus" sortProperty="managerStatus"/>

In our case, let's say we want to add two new columns. One for an identity attribute called "status" and another that shows whether an identity is correlated or not (a correlated identity is one that was loaded from an authoritative source.)

You can add these two column config items to your identityTableColumns object to effect this:

            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="status" headerKey="Status" hideable="true" property="status" sortProperty="status" sortable="true"/>
            <ColumnConfig dataIndex="correlated" headerKey="Authoritative?" hideable="true" property="correlated" sortProperty="correlated" sortable="true"/>

headerKey - will be the header string that's displayed at the top of the identity table view in the UI.

hideable - indicates whether the user can hide this column or not using the controls in the UI.

property - indicates the property that contains the value you want to display. For identity attributes, this will be the identity attribute name (as defined in your Identity Mappings.)

sortProperty - indicates the property to use to sort this column

sortable - indicates whether this field is sortable using the controls in the UI.

You can edit UIConfig through the Debug Page or by merging the new columns into the UIConfig.

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Please refer to UI Customization with UIConfig​ for more details on how to change the UI grids on various pages in the IdentityIQ UI.  You can specify different column headers in most tables of data in the IdentityIQ UI, though some do not support that.

Thank you jennifer.mitchell​!!


You should use the identityViewAttributes in UI Config to manage the order of columns


thank you for the post. really helps.

I try to add inactive column and works perfectly. however, when I try to change the headerKey from Inactive to "Resign ?", it's not working. the header column always say "Inactive". do you guys have any idea why this is happens?

here what I add:

<ColumnConfig dataIndex="inactive" groupProperty="inactive" headerKey="Resign ?" hideable="true" property="inactive" sortProperty="inactive" sortable="true" stateId="inactive"/>

Thank you

Hello, the post really helps me. But, I try to add the Identity Title description to the Certification review page, and is not working. 

I add the following code to these:



Code line added is: 
<ColumnConfig dataIndex="Identity-POSITION_DESC" groupProperty="Identity.POSITION_DESC" headerKey="cert_item_tbl_header_title" property="Identity.POSITION_DESC" sortProperty="Identity.POSITION_DESC" stateId="Identity-POSITION_DESC"/>

POSITION_DESC is the attribute defines for Title 

I am getting an error (could not resolve property: POSITION_DESC of: sailpoint.object.Identity )

I also try changing the property call to:

property="POSITION_DESC" or property="parent.POSITION_DESC"

Could someone help me figurate out what I'm doing wrong? 



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