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Controlling field arrangement in provisioning forms

Controlling field arrangement in provisioning forms



When using Application and/or Role Provisioning policies, project "questions" aka required/reviewRequires attributes are automatically placed inside a "skeleton" form which defines the structure of the form and may contain static fields that give the user information about what is to be done in the form. IdentityIQ automatically add labeled sections for the fields from the provisioning policies. Fields from applications will be organized in a section for each application labeled with the application name.


More control over field organization

If you want more control over field organization, you can

Edit the template form (by default, Identity Update) and modify it to add or modify default sections.

To control where attribute fields will be dynamically added, create additional sections, then refer that section in the desired fields in the provisioning policy template using the special section attribute that will cause them to be displayed in different sections from the default application- and role-specific sections.



Add a custom section in the Identity Update template form:

<Section label="my section" name="customSection">



and in the Provisioning Policy form:

<Field name="department" section="customSection"/>


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