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Error attempting to reset managed attributes cache

Error attempting to reset managed attributes cache

In an IdentityIQ 6.0 environment, if an administrator clicks on the "Reset Managed Attribute Cache" in the caches section of the debug UI, the following error message is returned to the browser:


"The system has encountered a serious error while processing your request. Please report the following incident code to your system administrator: 11"


The IdentityIQ log file provides a more descriptive stack trace:


javax.faces.FacesException: #{debug.resetManagedAttributeCache}:

javax.faces.el.MethodNotFoundException: /debug/caches.xhtml @38,76

action="#{debug.resetManagedAttributeCache}": Method not found:

sailpoint.web.DebugBean@4ac8f066.resetManagedAttributeCache ()




This issue is corrected with the application of the IIQ 6.0p1 or later patches.


ETN 14130

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