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Full text index custom delimiters

Full text index custom delimiters

Implementations utilizing the Full Text Search feature of Lifecycle Manager allows end users to search for access by keywords to provide a familiar shopping experience.

The default analyzer used by the Full Text Index is the sailpoint.fulltext.CaseInsensitiveWhitespaceAnalyzer.

One drawback to this analyzer is that it prevents keyword searches for entitlements or roles that contain non-whitespace delimiters such as underscores or hyphens.

For example, if a role is named Global Sales Representative then searching by any of the keywords Global, Sales, or Representative will return the role in the results.

However, if the same role is named Global-Sales-Representative then the role will only be returned in the results based on a Starts with search of the role name (e.g. Global-Sales would return a result but Sales would not).

Non-whitespace delimiters can be added to the Full Text Search analyzer by modifying the FullTextIndex object BundleManagedAttribute.

The below snippet shows an example of the attributes to add to the object. This example shows how to add an underscore and a hyphen as delimiters.



<entry key="analyzer" value="sailpoint.fulltext.CustomAnalyzer"/>
<entry key="analyzerConfig">
	  <entry key="delimiters">



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