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How can I safely remove a certification from my Instance?

How can I safely remove a certification from my Instance?

It happens to us all sometimes - we make a mistake and somehow we create an object we did not mean to create, or we did something in configuration that wass not quite right when setting up a Certification. We are human and mistakes do occur - no matter how much we want to deny them, they will happen. I have yet to find a perfect example of my fellow humans, though we try hard enough and strive, we aren't meant to be perfect.

Knowing that, SailPoint has pre-built a handy little command to assist you in case of an error in setup or configuration, or an accidental click - whatever happened that created a certification that you do not need in your instance. It may be that you have a test environment and the environment needs a fresh start for testng purposes. Why rebuild the environment when you can simply remove the certification objects for new tests? For whatever reason, we have provided the iiq console command cancelCertify.

The cancelCertify command acts as a friendly way to remove certifications from an instance, essentially deleting certification objects (and only certification objects) within the instance either by name or by wildcard. For example, if you wish to remove the Q1 Manager Certification for Simon de Guerre from your instance, you could do just that with a very direct command:

> cancelCertify "Q1 Manager Certification for Simon de Guerre"

This removes and deletes the certification from the instance following the pattern:

> cancelCertify <name>

where <name> is the quote-encapsulated name of the Certification in question.

You can also remove all Certifications from an environment with a simple wildcard formatted command:

> cancelCertify *

which removes all Certifications in the instance at once. This is useful in a testing environment when you wish to rerun a testing cycle of Certifications after modifications for example.

The cancelCertify command is safe, limits the objects touched to only Certifications and does not delete or remove any other object types. When used correctly, this can allow you to remove a particular Certification from your environment safely and efficiently.

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