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How to get identity selection page in a workflow

How to get identity selection page in a workflow

Sometimes we need a identity selection page in a workflow when we click on a quick link. By default, it does not show the identity selection page if you write the quick link as a independent object. But if you write the same quick link in the System Configuration ( going to debug page ), the quick link will allow you to select an identity. There is a post, Avoid choose identity, which discusses how to avoid this page but my content describes how you can include this.


Here is a piece of code which will give you the the opportunity to select an identity.


<QuickLink action="workflow" category="YOUR_CATEGORY_NAME" messageKey="YOUR_QUICKLINK_DISPLAY" name="YOUR QUICKLINK_NAME">



      <entry key="forceAllowOthers" value="true"/>

      <entry key="hideAllowSelf" value="true"/>    

      <entry key="workflowName" value="YOUR_WORKFLOW_NAME"/>

      <entry key="workflowSuccess" value="WORKFLOW_SUCCESS_MESSAGE"/>





The white paper Quicklinks.pdf discusses in detail about the forceAllowOthers and hideAllowSelf but this but my article is just a quick solution of getting identity selection page in a workflow.


However, in 7.0 the identity selector is much simple. It's like:

<DynamicScope name="YOUR_SCOPE_NAME"> 




        <MatchTerm name="location" value="LOCATION_NAME"/> 






For more examples including filter strings in identity selection are best described on QuickLinks


Hope this helps.





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