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IdentityIQ Boom Links - Find content faster!

IdentityIQ Boom Links - Find content faster!

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Learning and Customer Success Resources

Free SaaS Migration Assessment

Detailed analysis including ROI timeline


IdentityIQ Product Info


Working with Support

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I've sent this along to customers already- so helpful!

I wasn't aware of this wonderful page. Thanks Patrick Daniels for sharing this. These links will be awesome for my team who are supporting our joint customers. 

Thank you, very useful!

This is very helpful, Thanks @patrick_daniels 

Thanks @patrick_daniels for such wonderful page. It is very helpful.


This is very helpful, Thanks @patrick_daniels 

@patrick_daniels great layout....

This is really nice and appreciated.  Any change of this becoming an actual web page/link page within Sailpoint?

@cshafe02 Thanks for your comments!  Not sure if we will post this page on the primary SailPoint site since 90% of the links that are used are within our Compass community.   But if you go to the primary product page for IdentityIQ you'll see an icon "Boom Links" icon which will take you to this page.  We are definitely trying to make it easy for everyone to find. 

@patrick_daniels Thank you for that clarification!  That makes perfect sense to me.  Any chance of this becoming a Boom Links page at the front of the Compass site then, too?

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