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Report - Lifecycle events

Report - Lifecycle events

This reports provides the audit events details based on the data range in which the life cycle events are created.

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HI Hemanth, very helpful code snippet. Thank you for sharing the code. Regards, G Santosh Kumar

Hi Hemanth,

This is useful, is there any way, can we also capture task results as well?




Thanks!, There is way to capture the task results also. The task result is needed in the same report or in different repot?

In the Same Report


Hi Hemanth,

When we are running the report with start date and end date selected,the events which was executed on end date is not getting displayed.


Date range selected as:  Start date: 01/09/2018         End date 05/09/2018.

Report will only show the data upto 04/09/2018.

Hello All,

Can any explain me how to create a custom Report which fetches the names of the New Joiners in who triggered the joiner lifecycle event, I have created a "TaskResult" based filter report and I couldn't apply query paremeters.


Thanks in Advance

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