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SailPoint Identity CheckUP

SailPoint Identity CheckUP

Ensure your implementation is going smoothly

The Identity CheckUP is a deep dive into an existing SailPoint implementation to maximize stability, maintainability, and performance. It includes a 3–4-day onsite customer engagement, followed by an off-site analysis, and concludes with the formal delivery of key findings and recommendations. The on-site analysis will focus on the review of the existing environment, the issues discovered, and the details around the optimization recommendations.

All Identity CheckUPs are staffed with one or more of our highly skilled and experienced consultants. This team has “seen it all” in terms of environment configurations and performance issues. They will act as a second set of eyes and ensure the highest possible performance at any stage in your identity journey.



  • Improve stability, maintainability, and performance of your SailPoint Implementation
  • Get a customized report with actionable next steps and best practices
  • Work with experienced consultants to prepare for the next stage of your identity security journey


Identity CheckUP Phases


Preliminary review

The SailPoint team connects with the customer team for a remote conference call the week before the on- site engagement to discuss the specifics and any preparation work needed.


On-site information gathering

A SailPoint Solution Architect will conduct a deep-dive at the customer site to gather all details around the existing implementation, performance issues, and client-specific problems. This usually takes between 3-4 days.


Research, analysis and report

The Solution Architect will work offsite for 1-2 weeks to analyze the findings and compile a detailed report.


Report delivery

The SailPoint team will deliver the report to and explain all findings. The report will focus on the review of the environment, all issues discovered, and the recommended next steps.


Identity checkup report detail

Upon completion of the Identity CheckUP engagement, the SailPoint team will assemble a report documenting the following areas:

  • Overall health of the current production environment
  • Detailed list of the areas analyzed
  • Prioritized list of recommendations for:
    • Issues discovered
    • Configuration changes
    • Best practices to implement
    • Next steps to address any outstanding issues


Count on the experts

We provide the solution-specific expertise to enhance and guide your internal IT support team in your implementation. To find out how SailPoint’s Professional Services team can meet your project governance needs, reach out to

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