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Useful Java libraries for IdentityIQ

Useful Java libraries for IdentityIQ



Here are some Java libraries that can be useful for implementers and developers working with IdentityIQ:



OkHttp - A Java library for HTTP and HTTP/2 requests and responses, making integration a breeze.



Retrofit - A Java library for writing REST web-services. Dovetails with OkHttp really well.



GSON - Google's JSON serialization and deserialization library for managing JSON objects and parsing.


Apache StringUtils

Apache StringUtils - A useful string parsing utility.


Apache Velocity

Apache Velocity - A parsing / templating engine.


Apache exception/ExceptionUtils

Apache exception/ExceptionUtils - An API for reading the Full Stack Trace (entire Root Cause Stack Trace from call hierarchies) and parsing it to see the exception sub string match (in case of defining retryable errors etc.…)


Example Code is for Apache exception/Exception Utils:

import org.apache.commons.lang.exception.ExceptionUtils;

import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils;



     * Prepares the exception error message based on the full stack trace


     * @param Exception object

     * @return exception detailed error message


    public static String getStackAsString(Exception e)


      String[] rootCause = ExceptionUtils.getRootCauseStackTrace(e);

      String stackTraceStr = StringUtils.join(rootCause, " ");

      return stackTraceStr;




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I would extend this to include nearly all of the Apache Commons libraries.  StringUtils is just one of many.

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