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Identity Security Cloud Advisory Services

Identity Security Cloud Advisory Services

High-Level Overview


Click Here: SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Advisory Services Overview 

Deep-Dive Advisory Services

The most secure organizations in the world understand that they must view identity security as a holistic program, not just a one and done project. This reality is what drives the success of Identity Security Cloud Advisory Services. With options for SailPoint customers who are working with partners or on their own, our white-glove Advisory Services provides guidance for both accelerated expansion as well as operational maintenance of SailPoint SaaS solutions in the context of the full security landscape. With a dedicated SailPoint consultant who gets to know your implementation, goals, and objectives, the engagement model is designed to recognize the full potential of your SaaS investments with expert guidance. This program is built to assist customers and partners for their on-going implementation with designated services technical team. Advisory Services comes with a designated technical advisor focused on program expansion and team providing continuous hands-on Implementation assistance.

Core Components

  • Advisory Workshops
    • Weekly / Bi-Weekly sessions ( Multiple sessions per workshop)
    • Types of Workshops
      • Identity Security Cloud Roadmap Workshops
      • Identity Security Maturity Assessment Workshops
      • Role Based Access Control Workshops
      • Project & Program Planning Workshops
      • SaaS Feature Workshops
      • Standard Operating Procedure Workshops
      • Migration Planning Workshops
      • Application Onboarding Program Workshops
      • Integration Focused Workshops (ERP, ITSM, PAM, EMR etc.)
      • Product Focused Workshops (AI, ARM, CIEM NERM, DAS, etc)
  • Tenant Operations
    • Operational Monitoring & Remediation Recommendations
    • Implementation Assessment & Recommendations
    • Recommendations for Tenant Configuration Migration (ConfigurationHub & CI/CD Pipelines)
    • VanityURL Migrations
    • Auto Creation of Support Tickets
    • Hands-on Critical Remediations
  • Hands-on Accelerated SaaS Onboarding
    • Front Door Engine
    • Source Templates
    • Configuration Recommendations
    • Best Practices Workflows
  • Hands-on Integration Assistance
    • ITSM, EMR, ERP, PAM, etc.
  • Hands-on AI Role Mining Assistance

Advisory Workshops

Advisory Workshops helps accelerate the Identity Program with tailored sessions based on the business drivers, current state & within the context of the implementation


Identity Security Cloud Roadmap Workshops



Identity Security Assessment Workshops


Project & Program Planning Workshops


Role Based Access Control Workshops


Application Onboarding Workshops


SaaS Features Workshops


Standard Operating Procedure Workshops


Migration Planning Workshops


Integration Focused Workshops (ERP, PAM, EMR, ITSM, etc.)


Product Focused Workshops (AI, ARM, CIEM, NERM, DAS, etc.)

AI-Driven Identity Security Cloud Advisory Services

The service provides access to technical and functional SailPoint consultants who can offer both advisory and hands-on assistance, in addition to internal SailPoint insights and industry knowledge. They use their extensive identity security domain expertise and proven best practices to help customers recognize the full potential AI and ML from day one.

  • Assistance with roles, modeling, and optimization

  • Analytics support to foster data-driven decisions

  • Specialized expertise to help you augment the products you use

  • Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive identity program guidance on an ongoing basis

Ongoing guidance is the key to maximizing your investment. The AI-Driven Identity Security Advisory Services give you peace of mind that SailPoint is there to help continuously manage your identity program after implementation.


AI-Driven Identity Security Advisory Services Chart.png



TenantOps - Tenant + Operations



Accelerated SaaS Application Onboarding

Onboard applications faster with the Services Front Door Engine. Learn to onboard an application with the SailPoint team.

  • Front Door Engine
  • Source Templates
  • Configuration Recommendations
  • Best Practices Workflows


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SAP Deep-Dive Advisory Services Workshops

ISC SAP Advisory Services Deep-Dive

Meet Advisory Services Leadership

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