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IdentityNow Transforms - Date Format

IdentityNow Transforms - Date Format

The transform documentation listed here is outdated and is nonger actively maintained. Please refer to for IdentityNow Transform documentation.

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There is a bug in the code where if input format is ISO8601 output doesn't give anything. You need to parse ISO8601 input into 

yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss. I found this flaw when I was doing dateMath and after I needed to transform result into another time format.



I want to create a transform such that the endDate attribute for a user is generated based on the startDate.


Example endDate= startDate + 90 days. 


Can someone please help me with this?





@arnavaid11 You will probably want to check the date math transform for this solution...

fantastic, I couldn't seem to use "Search" with our wonky date formats

transformed them using your example number two... problem solved.

My LDAP give dates in the following format 20171206142205.783029Z

I am going to try and see if it handles microseconds.

Oh well it didn't handle the LDAP format on the input.  I think that is broken.

Is there a way to use a transform to put a value into the JWT Payload for an OAuth 2 JWT Bearer Token? 

The target system requires 2 dates in the JWT Payload based on teh current Epoch data.

@rkunditch - I am also facing the same issue. Taking input from AD CreateTimeStamp in LDAP format and outputting it in PEOPLE_SOFT format, but that doesnot seem to work. Were you able to resolve the issue?


"attributes": {
"inputFormat": "LDAP",
"outputFormat": "PEOPLE_SOFT"
"type": "dateFormat",
"name": "Convert Date Format Transform"

Also, is there any way to populate an identity attribute with the timestamp when the identity is created? I can see from "search" there is one attribute "Created" but not sure how to refer it in the transform.

Hi , Is there a way to convert date format from dd/MM/yy to EPOCH_TIME_WIN32 using dateFormat transform, we have been getting a negative date post conversion. we are using the below transform logic.

"attributes": {
"input": {
"attributes": {
"attributeName": "endDate",
"sourceName": "ABC source"
"type": "accountAttribute"
"inputFormat": "dd/MM/yy",
"outputFormat": "EPOCH_TIME_WIN32"
"type": "dateFormat"

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