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IdentityNow Transforms - Identity Attribute

IdentityNow Transforms - Identity Attribute

The transform documentation listed here is outdated and is nonger actively maintained. Please refer to for IdentityNow Transform documentation.

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Hello, anybody knows if this transform type has problem with the attribute cloudLifecycleState?



@lfioramo I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you getting errors when using this transform to call the identity attribute "cloudLifecycleState"?

Hello @itool thanks for the reply. Yes it seems that the attribute CLS is not interpreted. Do you have same behavior?

Please consider that is an old topic and I'm not stll working on that environment.



@lfioramo in my experience, the cloudLifecycle state attribute is one of the last attributes to be calculated in an identity profile (if not the last), so most likely the identity attribute is not available at the time of calculating other identity attributes. 

I personally discourage the use of this transform in identity attributes given that it's not a supported use case (see "Other considerations: It is not intended for use within another identity profile attribute's calculation"), as there is no certainty regarding the order in which the attributes will be derived.

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