New certifications experience release details

New certifications experience release details



IdentityNow is improving the Certifications menu to provide a clearer view of access, enable users to make more confident decisions with more context, and a more intuitive overall experience.

Please read this information thoroughly and start preparing for rollout of the new changes to your sandbox and production environments - your end-users will want to know this is coming!



There will be a brief preview period for the new Certifications menu. During this period, you will be able to toggle between the old and new experience as needed. Because this new experience can only be made available to customers who don't have ongoing campaigns, there is no opt-in. Your CSM will let you know if you have been selected for a preview based on your ongoing certifications. You will also receive notice before the changes are deployed to your sandbox environment. A few weeks after that, the changes will be deployed to your production environment.


New certifications enhancements and features:

  • Look through a single pane of glass - Strategize for your certification campaign with everything in clearer view. Details are no longer hidden behind multiple mouse click, and there is more information on a single page for a more open and intuitive experience.
  • Don't need a tab? - You will be able to remove the tabs you don't need. For example, if you don't use business roles for your certifications, that tab simply won't appear. Get better context around your access decisions and get right to the entitlements you do need.
  • Get decisions out of the way, literally -  In the new access decision items will disappear as you click them, so you can more easily see what's still on your list. Your decisions per identity will still be saved and visible in a separate menu when you're done.


New/Changed Pages and Field Names

BEST PRACTICE: For the Preview period only, there will be a toggle at the top of the page that allows reviewers to move freely between the old and new experience. Please be sure to let end-users know that they have this option so they can continue working on their certifications uninterrupted while these features are tested and improved!


  • In the Active and Completed tabs, detail cards will contain the following:
    • Progress - The progress of the campaign as a percentage. This is also displayed graphically within the certification process.
    • Due By - The campaign due date.
      • NOTE: If a campaign is overdue, this date is the only place to tell on the card. Days Overdue is shown within the certification process next to the calendar icon.
    • Owner - The campaign owner.
    • Continue - The existing button to continue an in-progress campaign is now included in the card.
  • More Details or Hide Details will respectively show or hide details about the campaign while working on a certification.
  • Details - Next to the name of the identity the reviewer is working on, clicking Details will open the details menu to the right, including their Manager and Email.
  • Columns - This will allow reviewers to select relevant columns to display while working on a certification.
Process Changes
  • Instead of clicking to open new page per identity to verify details about Roles, Access Profiles, and Entitlements, those details will be displayed on the same page, alongside the list of identities.
  • Identities will automatically refresh from the Remaining to the Completed list when they're certified - reviewers will see this within their certifications as they work!
  • Approve and Revoke buttons will be visually updated.
  • Reassignment - Reassignments will be managed on a single page as well.  A certification can be reassigned by clicking the arrow icon in the Details menu. They can select an individual to reassign to from the the Reassign To list, Add Comments about the reason for reassignment, and then click Reassign.
New Admin Doc
  • Switch between the new and classic certifications experience
Edited Admin Docs
  • How can I configure IdentityNow to always reassign a manager's certifications to someone else?
  • Certification Campaign Completion Options
  • How do I reassign someone's certifications in a campaign to another reviewer?
  • How can I preview a certification campaign before I start it?
Edited User Docs
  • How do I review a certification?
  • Take a tour of Certifications
  • How can I approve or revoke all access items for a user at the same time?
  • How can I view my completed certifications?
  • How can I delegate a person's certification to a different reviewer?
  • Why do I have someone else's certification?



Let us know if we can help

Sailpoint is here for you every step of the way in this transition. Please do not hesitate to contact your CSM with any questions or concerns about the changes or the deployment process.

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I would like to add additional attributes to the details page for the identities being reviewed.  I would also like the attributes to appear even if they have a nil value.  I've been able to add attributes by using the an API call, but I'm not seeing any way to change the settings to show nil valued attributes.  

The url for the API call details can be found at the URL below for anyone that is interested.

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