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Crew III

Oracle SaaS integration with IdentityNow

We have Oracle HR Cloud Mgmt (HCM). HCM creates the user record and fully manages it, then manages the base HR Roles in Oracle SaaS. HCM disables the accounts and removes the base HR roles as part of the leaver process. We are starting to move our on-prem EBS financials up to Oracle Saas - the same environment HR is in; however, since HCM is only managing the user account, and revocation of the HR base roles, the financial roles are not being removed at termination. Not removing financial roles at term is a violation of policy (we have a high rehire rate and we cannot permit a rehire to inherit their previous roles).


IDN will be the authoritative source for requesting access to all financial roles.   We are struggling with how the leaver lifecycle and revocation SHOULD work with IDN. IDN cannot remove the financial roles if HCM already terminated the user record.


Has anyone dealt with a similar scenario?

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