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Best Approch to notify the password to End User

Hello Guys, 

We are Implementing Joiner Process for our organisation.

we want to create users Active Directory Account without any access 14 days prior to the joining - we are planning Joiner Life Cycle Event to create AD Account. 

We want to notify end user with his credential 4 days prior to the joining and also one AD Group we have to provision, What is the best option we can leverage to notify the end user with his password. 

I am in confusion with the following two options

Option-1 Life cycle Event

Oprtion-2 Assign Bussiness role with AD Group and send email from the After Provisioning Rule.

Do we have any other options or which option is more sustainable?

Thanks in advance. 



Vijay Mamidi

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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Hi Vijay, as this seems to be more of a technical question. I would direct you to the IdentityNow User Group. If you still have questions, please reach out to Thanks!


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Deckhand III

Our joiners have a unique 32 digit identifier that joiners can see in our recruiting portal when logged in. IDN creates the initial password with a pattern using a number of digits from the identifier. On thier hire date, we use IDN workflow to send a notification to the new onboarding employee's manager letting them know the pattern with instructions to assist the new employee. The new employee also recieves instruction in our recruiting portal about thier new account on thier hire date with instructions for using thier initial password and establishing a new password.

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Crew II

Create birthright ad groups once user created Ad groups should add. And code like mail will automatically generate to end user with password .
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