How do I use strong authentication with IdentityNow?

How do I use strong authentication with IdentityNow?

Strong authentication, also known as strong auth, is an added layer of security that protects your account information. For resetting your IdentityNow password or changing your preferences, strong auth is always required. For other situations, strong auth is set up by your company's admin to provide an additional layer of protection for specific apps or actions.




  • Successfully sign in to IdentityNow at least once
  • Provide account credentials for one app on your Launchpad that requires strong auth
  • Configure strong authentication preferences in IdentityNow
  • Ensure that the appropriate phone numbers and email addresses are configured


Complete the following steps:


1. On your Launchpad, click an app that requires strong authentication. The Strong Authentication Method prompt is displayed.


2. Read it carefully. If you have not already selected an option, you must authenticate yourself either by choosing one of the available methods:

  • If answering security questions or re-entering your password, complete the fields that are displayed.


  • If using a code, select a method to receive the code. Your options are:
    • text - IdentityNow generates a text message and sends it to your personal or work phone
    • call - IdentityNow calls your personal or work phone and a pre-recorded voice provides you with the code.
    • email - IdentityNow sends a verification code to your work or personal email address


  • You might also have one or more other options.



  • The options available to you depend on how your administrator configured the system and whether you have the applicable values defined in the Preferences page.
  • Regulations in some countries, including India and China, prevent automated text and/or voice messages from being delivered to their intended recipients. If you encounter this problem, choose another strong authentication method.


You only have to provide strong authentication once per browser session for accessing apps. This means that if you click another app that requires it while you are still signed in, you will not have to repeat the process. You can see that the key icon is no longer showing for the app you launched.

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