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Managing Identity Governance Tasks

Managing Identity Governance Tasks

The Task Manager is designed to help you manage identity governance tasks assigned to you. These can include creating new accounts, making changes to existing accounts, or even removing entitlements or accounts that were revoked during a certification.

See the following sections for more information:


The Task Manager menu appears at the top of the IdentityNow main page.

Click Task Manager to see if any tasks have been assigned to you by your administrator. These represent manual actions you need to take to ensure that users at your company have the right access to data and applications.

task manager.png

Each item in the list consists of elements similar to the following:

  • The banner at the top of the page indicates the work that needs to be done and the user the task applies to.
  • The heading at the top of the task list indicates the source the task applies to.

NOTE: If you have access to the Admin interface, the identity and source name are links.

  • The table rows describe the actions you need to take in more detail. For example, if you are creating an account, you'll see a list of attributes to define for the account.

Task Types

The following tasks represent work that must be done outside of IdentityNow:

Add an AttributeAdd the displayed value to a multi-valued attribute without removing other values.
Create an AccountCreate a new account on the source.
Certification Items Revoked by <Name>

Remove all entitlements listed in the task; this task is generated when an access reviewer revokes items in an access review or certification

Delete an AccountPermanently delete the account from the source.
Disable an AccountTemporarily disable an account on the source so the user cannot access it.
Enable an AccountRe-enable a user's access to an account that was disabled.
Remove an AttributeRemove the displayed value from the attribute.
Set an AttributeChange the current value of an attribute to the value displayed.
Unlock an AccountRe-enable a user's access to an account that was locked.

Completing a Task

If you have a task assigned to you, the work it represents is always something you'll do in an external system. For example, you might create an account in SAP HR or remove someone's entitlements in another source.

In IdentityNow, you can use the Task Manager as a to-do list for yourself. It includes all the details you need to finish the task. Most importantly, you can create a record that you did the work by clicking Complete on the task itself. This ensures the task is removed from both your Task Manager and your IdentityNow administrator's Tasks list.

Best Practice: Be conscientious about clicking Complete Task when you've finished the work so that your company's records and governance policies are up to date and easy to manage.

Complete the following steps:

1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Task Manager.

2. Click the task you want to complete.

3. Review the contents of the task.

For example, if you are creating an account, you'll see a list of attributes to define for the account. See Task Types for more information about the types of actions you might need to take.

4. Complete the task as described in the user interface.

NOTE: For assistance with incomplete tasks, see Problems with Tasks.

5. Select the Completed check box to the right of the task.
complete task.png
6. Click Complete Task. This moves the task out of the To Do list.

Problems with Tasks

You might see the following issues associated with one or more of the tasks in your Task Manager:

  • An error message above a task
  • A Create an Account task that has an incomplete set of attributes

These problems usually occur if your administrator has not completed the provisioning configuration for the source associated with an app your user requested access to.

Report this problem to your system administrator. You can either:

  • Ask for a list of attributes to use when creating a new account
  • Wait for the administrator to re-create the task
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