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Why can't I launch this app?

Why can't I launch this app?

Your administrator may have configured some custom apps so they are only available in certain circumstances. A corresponding error message is displayed below the app when you cannot open it. Contact your administrator for assistance.

Following are a list of reasons an app might not be available:

  • This app requires you to be on the network.

To access this app, you must be logged in at your office or on a VPN. You might also be blocked from launching the app when you're off-network if you have a specific role that your admin has deemed risky.

  • This app is not supported on mobile devices.

To access this app, you must be on a desktop computer.

mobile unsupported.png
  • Your administrator configured an app tile that only allows you to change a password for a source. This tile does not open an external page.

If you remove this tile from your Launchpad, you can still see it in your Password Manager.

For more information, see:

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