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Why is this app on my Launchpad or Home screen?

Why is this app on my Launchpad or Home screen?

In some cases, you might find an app on your Launchpad that you did not add. There are several reasons why this might happen.

I requested access to an app, and more than one app was added to my Launchpad.

In some cases, the access associated with an app is associated with other apps that you can request. If you are granted the one app and receive the access associated with it, the other apps are added to your Launchpad automatically.

An app appeared on my Launchpad and already knows my user name.

Your company's IT administrator may have added a number of apps to your Launchpad because these apps are already provided to you by your company. In cases where IT created a user account for you, they populated it with your user name and password to make it that much easier to use.

When your employment status or job title changes, the apps on your Launchpad might change automatically based on changes to your access and permissions.

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