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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Welcome to the Cerner User Group!

This is a private group for any SailPoint customers utilizing the Cerner integration. We hope you can share your experiences, ask questions and join us on webinars throughout the year!

We'd also love for you to introduce yourself below - tell us how long you have been using the Cerner integration, your integration plan or what you would like to learn from this group!

If there is someone in your organization that needs access to this group, please message Jaime Cahn through the message feature or email


The SailPoint 

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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Thank you for setting this up Jaime! I'm looking forward to getting this going!

Vice Admiral

We are starting integration with Cerner and during the discussion a question came up if IIQ has any attribute that can tell if the user has MyExperience access in Cerner or not. Can you please advice if there is any way to identify that just by looking at the aggregated data in IIQ?

Gaurav Jain
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How would you identify MyExperience from the native administration tool?

Is it a specific Cerner position, user group, or organization group?

You could use a customization rule to compare the attribute to a set stored in a custom object and then set an attribute added to the schema.

Glen Wittig

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