How To: Forums

How To: Forums


Engage with other community members in the Forums.



Forums are a great way to communicate and collaborate with other community members about certain topics. By engaging with other community members who have different backgrounds, experiences, and skills, you will be able to explore new ideas and perspectives about particular topics.


Accessing the Forums

To see the most recent community conversations, start by finding the Community tab, and then select the product that applies to your topic under the Discussion section.

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Posting a Question

All community members are highly encouraged to participate in the forums by posting a question and replying to a thread. Many of our users have encountered similar instances and can provide some great insight to the questions or issues that you may have.


To post a question, find and select the Create a New Post button located above the most recent community conversation in that particular space.

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Writing a Forum Post

The title of your post is important since this will be the first thing that community members will see in the forums. Keep it short and concise. 
As you type out a title for your post, you will see suggested existing threads in the community that may be similar to what you are asking. We encourage that you check out these suggestions before finalizing your post as some community members may have already posted the same question.

In the body of your post, include as much information as possible about your question or issue. Including details such the version number, connectors, and error logs, and any other solutions from other threads or documentation that you tried but didn't work may improve your chances of receiving a response.

After you write out your title and message, select a label or tag that best categorizes your post. This will make it easier for other community members to find your comment or question.Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 6.48.41 AM.png

To learn more about the best practices for drafting a post, check out the How to Get the Best Answers to Your Questions article.


Replying in a Forum Thread

Sharing your expertise and insight is greatly appreciated by the community and will benefit other users who are experiencing the same issues. Any information that is provided will help community members better troubleshoot their issues.


To chime in on a conversation, start by clicking the subject of a post to view the thread, and then click on Reply to leave a comment.

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If you are replying to a specific person in the thread, you can tag them by putting an "@" before their username. Please refrain from using this symbol too often for certain users since they receive a notification each time they are tagged.


Editing a Reply

Once you have replied to a message, you have the option to edit or delete your response at any time. To delete a reply, start by finding the ":" symbol next to reply, and then select Delete in the drop-down menu.

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Make sure you give Kudos to posts that helped you, and use the Accept Solution button for your questions.  This improves the search results for other community members with similar interests, and it makes our community more engaging and vibrant.


Returning to the Main Forum

To return to the main forum, click on All forum topics. If you would like to navigate to another topic in the same forum, click on Previous Topic or Next Topic.

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Viewing Content for a Specific Label or Tag

On the sidebar navigation for the IdentityIQ and IdentityNow forums, you will see Trending Discussions, a Leaderboard of the current top contributors, and the Top Labels and Tags in that space.

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To find all community conversations about a specific topic on the board, select the Label or Tag that you want to find more information about.

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Subscribing to Specific Label or Tag

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest community posts about a specific label or tag, select the Subscribe button.

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All posts, whether a question or a reply, are visible to the entire community so please be careful and mindful of what is written in your post. 


Need to escalate an inappropriate post, article, and comment? Check out the How To: Report Content to Moderator article to find out more information.

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