How To: Search

How To: Search


Federated search pulls in results from Community, Identity University, the SaaS document sites, and Support Portal wikis. Read this tutorial to learn more about how you can filter and scope your search to find what you are looking for.


Search Bar

Start your search here. The search bar appears on every page, but you can also bookmark the Search Page to visit it directly.



As you add text to the search bar, you will see suggestions for your search term. Scroll and click on a relevant suggestion, or hit enter and click on the magnifying glass to continue with your search phrase.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png


Search Page

Here is a complete breakdown of the features on the full search page.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png


Search Bar

Use this field to type in your search phrase. Remember to avoid punctuation and non-descriptive filler words. Search is not case-sensitive.


Content Sources

The search page defaults to all sources. You can select a tab to view sources from a specific site. Note that Identity University and Support Portal are separate portals and require you to log in before purchasing a course or submitting a ticket.



Choose from more than one filter to scope your results. You can remove a filter by unchecking it from the left side component or clicking the “x” next to your selection along the top of the search page. Choose Clear all to start over.



These are your search results. Key words from your search phrase are in bold.



Export a CSV of your results to save or share with others.


Advanced Search

Utilize this option to search exact phrase, with one or more words, and without certain words. You can also change the number of results to view by page.



Sort your results by relevance or created date.


List and Grid View

The search page defaults to list view but you can switch to grid view depending on your preference.




There are multiple ways to filter results into areas that are relevant to you! Use the tabs along the top of the search page or select a Sources filter to a content source.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png


Filter by Root Category to keep the results at a high level or get granular with Parent Category and BoardTip: If you know the name of the category or board you want to view results from, click on Show more or the magnifying glass to look it up.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png


You can also choose to search by Type if want to keep results constrained to forum, knowledge base, or blog.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png


Only interested in seeing topics with solutions? Check off the Solved filter when you search in any of the forums.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png


Other filters include label, tag, created date and author. Want more search tips? You can view the search tips anytime by clicking the gear icon on the far right side, towards the middle of the page.

Tutorial Screenshot #7.png


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! View the other community tutorials to learn more about Compass features. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions about search, please send us a message at
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