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How to: Accept as solution

How to: Accept as solution


Accepting solutions in Compass's forums

Once your question in the forum has been answered, or your problem has been solved, it is important to mark the reply (or replies) as a solution. Marking replies as solutions will improve the search results in the community and help other users who are facing the same or similar issues.

1. To accept a solution, visit your post in the forum.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png

2. Scroll to the reply that helped you resolve your challenge, click on the three vertical dots icon, and then click the Accept As Solution button.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png

3. The marked reply will be highlighted green and will appear twice - in chronological order as well as at the top of the thread.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png

4. If you answered your own question, you can accept your reply as a solution. If multiple users helped you, you can accept multiple solutions.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png


Giving kudos to helpful users

You can also give kudos to multiple replies to show your appreciation to helpful users.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png


Marking solutions is critical to forum engagement and will greatly benefit other Compass users who have the same questions.


Interested in learning more about bookmarks and subscriptions? Read the How to: Bookmarking and subscribing article.

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