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How to: Private messages

How to: Private messages



The private messaging feature provides a way for users to communicate directly with other members in the community outside of the forum. All private messages that are sent and received by other users can only viewed by the corresponding individuals.


Accessing your private messages

To find your mailbox, start by selecting your avatar located at the upper-right corner and then click on the envelope icon.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png


Sending a new message

The default view is Inbox, but you can also view Sent, Friends, and Ignored. To send a message, click on the New Message button.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png

Type in the Compass username of the recipient and click on the username when it appears to populate the Send to field. Fill in the Message Subject and then write your note in Message Body field. When you are ready to send your message, click on the Send Message button.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png


Reading a message

Begin by heading to your inbox and selecting the subject line of the message that you want to read. Now, you can read the full message and take actions like Delete or Reply. You can also Friend or Ignore the sender and Report the message if you would like to alert a moderator.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png


Turning off or on private messages

1. Start by selecting My settings in the drop-down menu of your avatar.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png

2. Click Preferences followed by selecting the Preferences Options drop-down menu and then click on the Private Messenger option.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png

3. Uncheck or check the Turn on private messages box.

Tutorial Screenshot #7.png

Private messaging can be helpful when asking for information from a specific community member and basically, for any non-public communication needs.


Want to join a user group? Find out more information by reading the How to: User groups article.

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