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How to: Ranks and badges

How to: Ranks and badges



Your rank is displayed under your username and indicates how long and how much you participate in the community over time. The more you participate, the higher your rank. Participation includes submitting questions and topics in the forums, commenting on posts, writing articles for the wiki, marking responses as solutions, and giving kudos to any content. Members can have multiple badges, but can only hold one rank at a time.

What is your rank? Currently, the Compass ranks range from New Member to Fleet Admiral. Find out where you stand using the table below!

# Rank Name
1 Fleet Admiral
2 Admiral
3 Vice Admiral
4 Rear Admiral
5 Commodore
6 Lieutenant-Commander
7 Captain
8 Lieutenant
9 Boatswain
10 Navigator
11 Midshipman


# Rank Name
12 Lookout
13 Mate
14 Wayfarer
15 Sailor

Petty Officer

17 Ensign
18 Seaman
19 Crew
20 Stowaway
21 New Member


User profiles are rewarded with a badge upon the completion of an important community action or milestone. These accomplishments are visible to yourself and other members. Click on your avatar located at the top right-hand corner, select My profile, and then click on View all badges.

There are currently 77 badges available. Can you win them all? You can also view all badges on someone else's profile for a little friendly competition!

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 6.09.58 AM.png 

You can move up in the ranks and earn badges through your community activity!


Want to learn more about submitting an idea to SailPoint? Read the How to: Submit an idea article.


The ranks are a fun way to show how long and how much you've been contributing to the community. Contributions include things like logging in, posting in the forums, tagging posts, answering questions, accepting solutions and kudo-ing posts. As you engage with the community over time, your rank will change. Currently our ranks go from Sailor to Fleet Admiral. 

Thank you for highlighting this information.

Thanks for your post

Stumbled on this while searching for something else. I had been curious what levels the ranks meant so thank you for this.

Nice clean way of presenting the badges. Thank you

As much as i love a good Navy reference, cant help but point out that a Petty Office is way higher than a sailor, mate or lookout.  This is going to tickle some old shipmates.  Look forward to moving up the ranks.

Thank you for the great information, sharing this with our team.

This is great information about the ranking and badges.

Would it be possible to know how each stages differ from each other?

Like, Is there any contribution score? or Is there a list of prerequisites for each ranks in the above list?

Would be nice to have this information in the post too.



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